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Amazing Arena
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Amazing Arena
attraction, Chaotix
Number of Acts: 5
Location: Newtrogic High Zone
Level theme: carnival/casino
Sub-boss: Amazing Arena sub-boss
Boss: Amazing Arena boss
Prerequisite: Isolated Island
Non-English names:

Amazing Arena is a one of five main stages in Chaotix that make up Newtrogic High Zone. It is an indoor fun house that doubles up as a deadly labyrinth.

During development the stage was known as Amazing Area and Amazing Zone.


When the player first enters Amazing Arena, the arena is pitch-dark. On-screen cues point the player to switches that turn on the lights and many of the level's moving gadgets. The player is required to turn on the lights in order to finish each Act; should they reach the goal or boss battle without turning on the power, the level will not count as cleared, and they will be forced to return to the beginning and find the switch.

Among the many contraptions found in the arena, the floating UFO-like elevators will carry the player to different areas, and large trampolines will catapult the player like a spring when stood on for a second, the altitude varying by the trampoline's colour. This stage is also unique in that it features a sub-boss that is fought in the Sound Rooms that are reached at specific points.


Set the clocks ticking and go! But beware of the Sound Room, where you might come face to fists with one of Dr. Robotnik's inventions!

Chaotix US manualMedia:Chaotix 32X US manual.pdf[4]


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Beatal — This robot rolls along, smashing the ground with its spiked cork object. Most easily destroyed from behind.
Motorspike — Hovering bots that move in strange patterns. Their sides are well-guarded, so they must be destroyed from above or below.
Ticktock — Clock bot which stays in place, waving its spiked pendulum beneath it. Destroy from above.
Chaotixaa 02.png
Triclod — This bot runs along the ground. Easily destroyed.


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