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Techno Tower
Techno tower.png
Techno Tower
Level, Chaotix
Number of Acts: 5
Level theme: industrial
Boss: Techno Tower Boss
Prerequisite: Isolated Island
Non-English names:

Techno Tower is a level from Chaotix. The level is more vertical than any other level in the game and is easiest for characters such as Knuckles, Charmy, and Vector who maneuver well in the air. The level has an abundance of Grow and Shrink items, the former of which can be used to scale the tower quickly. Techno Tower is also known for its strange Eggman billboards scattered across the level that appear solid at first, but then turn translucent as you approach them, revealing hidden goodies such as Giant Rings.


There's only one direction to go, and that's up. Race through the vertical maze, searching for hidden bonuses. Robotnik billboards often hide surprises.

Chaotix US manualMedia:Chaotix 32X US manual.pdf[4]


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