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General bugs

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Bad ending bug


Sometimes, in the bad ending, the city and fire is glitched.

Not fixed in any version.

Ending bug


Getting fewer than six Chaos Rings might still result in getting the good ending. Additionally, getting all six Chaos Rings might result the bad ending.

Not fixed in any version.

De-link characters


Getting hit with no rings in Chaotix causes the partner character to temporarily disappear, making the game play more like its traditional Mega Drive counterparts. If the player then interacts with an object that is designed to transport the player across part of the map (for example, the ships in Marina Madness or the drill in Techno Tower), the partner will be called back by the game, but remain unconnected when both characters have reached their destination.

This can be "fixed" at any point by pressing A (which causes the partner to return to your side), though if there's a long distance between the two characters, this process can temporarily unhinge the camera and cause temporary weirdness.

Most of the game can be finished with just the one character - while there are doors which require both characters, most reside in the Isolated Island training levels.

Getting hit again will result in a Game Over.

Not fixed in any version.


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