Marina Madness

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Marina Madness
Marina madness.png
Marina Madness
Level, Chaotix
Number of Acts: 5
Level theme: urban
Secondary level theme: industrial
Boss: Marina Madness Boss
Underwater areas: None
Prerequisite: Isolated Island

As the name implies, Marina Madness, one of the five main levels of Chaotix, takes place by an ocean marina where platforms mostly consist of ocean docks and cruise ships. Strangely enough, this level doesn't have any water-based elements or hazards to deal with. The levels are pretty horizontal, as well, compared to the other Zones in the game. However, they require much moving left and right in a zigzag fashion. Switches on the cruise ships can be pressed to ferry the player and partner to other areas of the level.


Travel by ship from level to level, dodging the flying ship and sailing stingrays. Could the seaside conceal some secrets?

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