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Special Stage
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Special Stage
Special level, Chaotix
Number of Acts: 6 (+ 6 wireframe mode)

The Special Stage for Chaotix is accessed after clearing a level with 50 or more rings and jumping or throwing your partner into the giant ring above the "Clear" post. Each of the stages takes place in a 3D hexagonal maze with the character running forwards at all times. To climb the walls of the maze, simply run up to their edge; the perspective will shift so the wall now acts as the floor.

The amount of time for the stage is determined by the number of rings a player has, with one ring deducted per second until there are no rings left, which causes the stage to end. The objective of the stage is to collect a set number of blue spheres (which is 4 for the first stage, 6 for the next one, and so on) before the checkpoint, and then to do the same on second half of level. If there are not enough blue spheres collected, the section of the stage repeats itself until the number is met. Complete the second section to attain a Chaos Ring.

If all the Chaos Rings have been collected, the Special Stage will transform into a wireframe version of the level, and completing the stage will give the player 50,000 points.

Items and obstacles

  • Rings - Placed throughout the stage to add time.
  • Blue Spheres - Spheres that must be collected by running through them. Often not easily visible or near obstacles.
  • Danger Panels - Yellow circles with a black X on them. Run into one to be bounced backwards away from danger. Disappear after one use.
  • Bumper Balls - Starred sphere that bounces the player backwards, but unlike danger panels, it doesn't disappear.
  • Spring Balls - Yellow spheres that propel a player forwards and green spheres that propel a player upwards.
  • Obstacles - Various items on the stage, such as spiked balls or buzz saws. Touching one causes the player to lose 10 rings (and as such, 10 seconds off the timer).
  • Pits - Open sections in the hexagonal maze that cause the player to fall off, immediately ending the stage.

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