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Isolated Island
Isolated Island
First attraction, Chaotix
Number of Acts: 1 (additional 4 optional)
Location: Outside Newtrogic High Zone
Level theme: tropical island

Isolated Island refers both to the first level of Chaotix Scenario Quest mode as well as four training levels accessible from the main menu. All Isolated Island levels are free of harmful obstacles and serve to familiarize the player with the game. In the North American and European instruction manuals, this level is referred to as the Practice Stage.Media:Chaotix 32X US manual.pdf[1]Media:Chaotix 32X EU manual.pdf[2]


All levels set within Isolated Island take place in a tropical island jungle somewhere outside Newtrogic High Zone, with the walls formed of multiple square blocks, some of them sporting checkered patterns akin to Emerald Hill Zone. At the highest points of the levels, the player(s) can see Newtrogic High Zone off in the distance across the sea.

The Scenario Quest level, appropriately called "Introduction", reveals the game's "storyline", as Knuckles frees Espio from stasis with Ring Power as Dr. Eggman escapes, and Metal Sonic hovers over the player(s). After this short scene, the player(s) is placed into a Practice Demo, in which on-screen prompts guide the player(s) through basic maneuvers. Upon satisfying the prompts or skipping them, the player(s) is sent back to Isolated Island to clear the remainder of the level, to practice skills just learned, and to become acquainted with Chaotix's item repertoire. The palette changes to reflect changes in time of day as the player progresses. Finishing the stage with 50 Rings does allow for Special Stage access, and the game will not let the player(s) progress without entering the Special Stage if they can. Afterwards, the player(s) will be presented with the Player Select screen before arriving at the World Entrance.

The Training stages have the player(s) trying to find a flower in each stage to light up. Most Training levels have one flower, although the third level has multiple. The stages are maze-like in design and feature gimmicks not seen in any of Newtrogic High Zone's attractions such as water slides, but hold no harmful obstacles. When the flowers have been found, the stages end and the game returns to the title screen.


You go through this stage each time you begin a new game. Use this area to practice your moves and grab all the Rings you can. Stand over holograms to open gates.

Chaotix US manualMedia:Chaotix 32X US manual.pdf[1]


Liftor — A harmless Badnik that serves as a platform. Appears only in Training 3 and 4.

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