Chaotix (prototype 0202)

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Chaotix (prototype 0202)
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Sega 32X
ROM size: 3 MB
Genre: Action

Chaotix prototype 0202 for the Sega 32X was released by drx during the February 23rd, 2008 proto release. Its compile date is Feb 07, 1995.

NOTE: To play the prototype in Kega Fusion v3.6 and up, the "Fast 32X Timing" option in the 32X configuration tab must be enabled. For older versions of Kega Fusion, a special release, which can play the prototype, was made available here (info) (268 kB).

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File: Knuckles'_Chaotix_(32X)_(Prototype_0202_-_Feb_07,_1995,_15.25)_( (1.65 MB) (info)

Various differences

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  • This is the first version to have a title screen with a floor similar to final.
  • Special stage layouts and limits have been completed and are the same as in the final.
  • Game over from going over 10:00 in an act or having -900 rings are enabled.
  • Amazing Arena hologram head moves similar to the final, but cannot be hit enough within the time limit to be destroyed. Its arms do not harm the player
  • The "Sega" screen has an accompanying sound. This is not present in any of the other protos or the final. However, the sound was changed in the final but never used. Its SFX I.D. in the final and in this proto is 6B.

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