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Align Sprite
Category: Graphics editor
System: Microsoft Windows
Credits: MarkeyJester

Align Sprite is a utility that aligns a bitmap of a sprite appropriately and marks empty tiles, making it suitable for importing to SonMapEd. AlignSprite is written by MarkeyJester.

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  • Prepare a bitmap of a sprite to be aligned. Note that it must be in 24-bit format, the top left pixel is assumed to be the transparent color, and large files will not work with this utility.
  • Drag and drop that file onto the AlignSprite executable.
  • The file is now converted. Tiles marked as empty have the color FF 00 FF (255 000 255).

To convert multiple sprites at once, a batch file can be used:

@echo off
AlignSprite.exe WalkFrame01.bmp =
AlignSprite.exe WalkFrame02.bmp =
AlignSprite.exe WalkFrame03.bmp =

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