Amy's Room

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Amy's Room
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Amy's Room
Sixth arena arena, Sonic Battle
Location: Central City
Level theme: urban
Opponent: Amy Rose
Non-English names:
  • JP: エミールーム
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Amy's Room is a fighting arena in Sonic Battle. It is treated as Amy's home arena.


From a design standpoint, Amy's Room is best described as a residence that is fitting of Amy's personality and interests; the room has a pink and rather girlish design to it, sporting a white tile floor with giant pink and carmine rugs laid out in the room and yellow cushions. The carmine rug even features a picture of a Chao, and a picture of Sonic in a small heart-shaped rug to signify Amy's love for the blue hedgehog. The arena itself is wide in its design, giving plenty of room for fast characters such as Sonic and Shadow to outrun their opponents, with the primary obstacles being dressers that sport pictures of Amy with different facial expressions on top of them.

In Story Mode, Amy brings Emerl here during her episode to have him participate in training with her and Cream. Later on, in Emerl's story, Emerl can freely choose to return here to do some training with Amy.


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