Fierce Fight! Sonic Baseball Team

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Sonic X episode #10
"Fierce Fight! Sonic Baseball Team"
Written by:
Directed by: Masafumi Sato
Production no.: 010
Original airdate:
Country: Japan

Fierce Fight! Sonic Baseball Team is the tenth episode in the first season of Sonic X. In the English dub, it is known as Unfair Ball.

Episode summary

Tails is flying the X Tornado when he notices the Chaos Emerald power supply is resonating. He pinpoints the cause to be something in a baseball stadium, so lands in a nearby car park and goes to investigate. He approaches the groundskeeper, Alfred Battler, who after getting over the initial shock of meeting a talking fox, tells him he has a blue Chaos Emerald which he found the previous night in the grass. When Alfred holds his Emerald next to Tails' Emerald, they both glow and emit a bright white beacon, which is detected by Dr. Eggman.

At the Thorndyke mansion, Ella is teaching the gang about cutlery etiquette, which Sonic considers a waste of time. Bokkun arrives with a video message from Eggman, who tells them there are two Chaos Emeralds at the stadium, and ownership of the Emeralds will be decided by a game of baseball.

Back at the stadium, Eggman takes the blue Emerald from Alfred and attempts to steal Tails' Emerald, but is stopped by Knuckles, who also followed the beacon. Sonic and the others arrive and Eggman unveils his robot baseball team, which have extendable limbs and are very good at baseball.

Scarlet Garcia, the reporter, also spotted the beacon and arrives to report on the baseball game. Her broadcast causes spectators to start filling the stadium seats.

After a while, Eggman's team is starting to lose, so he presses a switch and one of the robots' head detaches and clamps onto Sonic's head, which Eggman says will explode. Knuckles smashes the robot head before it detonates, and Eggman leaves with the Emerald he has.

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