Emergency Launch! X Tornado

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Sonic X episode #8
"Emergency Launch! X Tornado"
Written by:
Directed by: Makoto Bessho
Production no.: 008
Original airdate:
Country: Japan

Emergency Launch! X Tornado is the eighth episode in the first season of Sonic X. In the English dub, it is known as Satellite Swindle.

Episode summary

The episode begins with Dr. Eggman launching a robot which resembles Thunderbird 2. The robot's "Super Sweeper" begins eating the world's satellites, which Eggman plans to use as material to build more robots.

At the Thorndyke mansion, Tails, Chris and Cream are watching The Next Show on TV. Amy and Ella have made apple pies, so Tails offers to take one for Sonic. Amy politely declines his help by throwing him violently against the TV, which goes to static. Chris attempts to get the picture back to no avail. Bokkun flies in through the window to relay a message from Eggman. Eggman informs them that he has stolen all the satellites and that it will be impossible to retrieve them, since the E-90 is in the upper atmosphere where the Tornado can't reach.

Eggman is proven wrong as Sonic and Tails head off in the Tornado to intercept the E-90. The E-90 defends itself with lasers and explosives, and sustains some damage from the Tornado's machine guns. It releases its satellite-filled "pod", which flies away under its own power, and Eggman activates the "Super Sweeper" weapon. The Tornado barely manages to get away so Tails and Sonic fly back to the mansion.

Sonic suggests the Tornado needs to be faster to beat the "Super Sweeper" weapon. Tails believes the Chaos Emeralds would provide the necessary energy, but the excess would destroy the Tornado. They decide the best thing would be to build an entirely new plane, so Chuck takes Tails to his secret underground laboratory.

As work on the new plane continues, Dr. Eggman begins broadcasting his own TV show, "Egg TV". The government attempts to stop the E-90 with laser satellites, but the lasers are ineffective and the Sweeper simply collects the satellites.

Tails, Sonic and Chris take off in the completed X Tornado (Tornado X in the English version). Eggman sends the E-90 to destroy it, but the lasers and missiles are unable to hit their target. Sonic jumps onto the back of the E-90, which attempts to use the Sweeper to catch him. Tails fires at the Sweeper weapon, destroying it.

The E-90 drops its pod and heads into the upper atmosphere, followed by the X Tornado with Sonic riding on top. Chris gives Sonic some ring energy through a cable, and Sonic destroys the E-90 before plummeting back to Earth.

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