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Nature Zone
Shuffle naturezone.png
Nature Zone
Third board, Sonic Shuffle
Location: Maginaryworld
Level themes: jungle, ancient ruins
Non-English names:
Fire Bird | Riot Train

Nature Zone is the third board in Sonic Shuffle. It is a location within Maginaryworld born from the dreams of those who enjoy being close to nature and its beauty, and the dream world of Amy. When Void passes through this world in his pursuit to become whole, his darkness mars the landscape with dark pillars that slowly drain the life force of all the plant life, and it is up to Sonic and friends to collect the Precioustones and liberate the forest ruins from Void's darkness.


Nature Zone sees the players traverse through the jungle, with rivers to cross as well as ruins located in the northern parts of the board. Players must be careful of the crocodiles that patrol the river. When their mouths are closed, players can safely pass over them; but if they open their mouths, players are blocked off. As the game progresses, the dark pillars on the sides of the pathways will collapse and block off shortcuts, forcing players to find another route.


This board's quest will not appear until there is only one Precioustone left to collect. When it eventually happens, a bird will place a treasure chest containing four keys in the corner of the board. Players must race to collect a key, then bring it to the action space in front of the ruins in the center of the board to unlock the door leading to the final Precioustone. The first player to bring a key to the ruins will win an Emblem at the end.

Until this quest is completed, the Preciousite will fail should a player attempt to use it to skip to the final Precioustone.

Accident Mini-Games

Shuffle crocattack.png
Players must very quickly press A before being getting eaten by the crocodiles. 20 rings for the first to get out. 10 for second, a loss of 5 for third and a loss of 10 for fourth.
Shuffle ringoffire.png
Ring of Fire
Everyone stands on a large platform while rings of fire pass by. Inside the rings are regular rings and occasionally a Forcejewel. Jump through the rings of fire to collect the rings without touching the fire, which will result in a loss of rings. Some fire rings rotate, making it trickier to get the rings, but these are the ones that usually hold Forcejewels. As the game continues, the platform rises and lowers. When the platform is up, some rings don't have to be jumped through while others are so low that they are unattainable. First place gets 20 rings while second gets 10 and third gets 5.
Shuffle earthquake.png
Earth Quake (Stage Clear)
This is similar to Over the Bridge, except you are running on land. the areas ahead are foggy. The game warns you about half of the obstacles. Sometimes they switch to camera angle to a more difficult linear view. Jumping causes you to fall back so avoid doing it. Also, keeping to one side will slow you down. Whoever reaches safety first wins. Sometimes the warning signal moves from side to side before deciding on a place.



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