Vector Breath

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Vector Breath at its final level.

Vector Breath is Vector the Crocodile's version of the Circular Attack move for Team Chaotix in Sonic Heroes. After spitting both Espio and Charmy towards enemies with Fireball, pressing B again will see the croc break out this final radius-of-effect attack which is potentially Team Chaotix's strongest bar Chaotix Recital.

The strength and nature of Vector Breath depends on how many Power Cores Vector has collected:

  • First level up: Vector uses his booming voice to take out the enemies.
  • Second level up: Vector spews fire from his mouth.
  • Third level up: Vector spews bubblegum bubbles that explode when touched.

In Sonic X

Vector uses his Vector Breath attack during the final episodes of Sonic X. He could be seen breathing fire at the fused Dark Oak, Black Narcissus, and Pale Bay Leaf.


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