Super Sonic Overdrive

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Super Sonic Overdrive
First seen: Sonic Heroes (2003)
User: Team Sonic (when Super)
Type: Attack

Super Sonic Overdrive[1], also known as Super Sonic Power[2], is Team Sonic's version of the Team Blast move while in their Super forms in Sonic Heroes. It is a more powerful version of Sonic Overdrive that is used only in the final battle against Metal Overlord.


As with all variations of the move, it is activated by pressing the Z (GCN)/   (Xbox)/R1 (PS2/PS3)/ Z  (PC) button once the HUD charge gauge is full. Team Blast involves the three team members joining together to perform a powerful combo move, which destroys all enemies in the vicinity and can do a great deal of damage to bosses.

This version of the Team Blast has a different animation compared to Sonic Overdrive. Super Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles form a triangle with the team symbols behind them. They all then fly towards Metal Overlord and attack him repeatedly. It is the only way to damage him, and the move must be used five times in order to defeat him. As Super Sonic can use the Light Speed Attack by default, this Team Blast does not have an after-effect, and is the only Team Blast with this distinction.

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