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BINGO Highway
Sixth level, Sonic Heroes
Level theme: carnival/casino
Boss: Robot Carnival

BINGO Highway is the sixth stage in Sonic Heroes. Set in the same casino-city as its predecessor Casino Park, the level's eponymous bingo highways are its major feature - giant sliding slopes that the characters tackle in spin roll, strewn with numbered tokens from 1-9 and bumpers. Light a row of numbers on the floating BINGO boards and win a lot of rings. Each board is worth 200 Rings. There are four tables in total.

The key to getting a perfect BINGO is managing your team members correctly. It's much easier to do it with Team Chaotix because of Espio's ability to use Leaf Swirl.


In BINGO Highway the Teams simply continue the quests that led them to Casino Park in the first place. Team Sonic (at Sonic's insistence) are taking a breather at the slots after their harrowing Team Battle against Team Rose; Amy, still maintaining her pursuit of Sonic, continues to drag Big and Cream along. Team Dark continues to search around for Eggman, which means the only team with a concrete objective is Chaotix, who have been assigned to collect tokens such that they will be able to access Eggman's base up ahead.


The regular / extra missions are:

  • Team Sonic: Blast down the high speed slides! / Get to the Goal Ring within 6 minutes!
  • Team Dark: Try the high speed slides! / Defeat 100 enemies!
  • Team Rose: Try the BINGO slides! / Collect 200 rings!
  • Team Chaotix: Collect 10 casino chips! / Collect all 20 casino chips!

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