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Virtual Reality
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Virtual Reality
Final Episode Shadow level, Sonic Forces
Location: Green Hill
Level themes: industrial, desert/western, tropical island
Played as: Shadow
Non-English names:
  • JP: 仮想現実 Kasō Genjitsu
Eggman's Facility

Virtual Reality is the third and final stage of the Episode Shadow DLC in Sonic Forces. Set in Green Hill, this is a modified version of Guardian Rock and thus has similar elements from that level.

The music that plays here is a remix of Supporting Me from Sonic Adventure 2.


After Infinite uses the power of the Phantom Ruby, Shadow the Hedgehog finds himself in some kind of facility in Green Hill. Rouge talks to Shadow over the radio, stating that Omega disappeared at this facility three months ago. Shadow is confused about what happened to Infinite, but makes his way through the area regardless. Shadow reaches the point where Omega was defeated, but cannot find any sign of him, with Rouge calmly stating that it never really happened. At that point, Omega joins the call, stating that he has never been defeated before breaking down into constantly shouting "I am not weak".

Shadow successfully escapes the illusion and receives applause from Infinite, who didn't expect him to return alive. Regardless, Infinite says that with his power, not even Sonic can stand against him now. Before Shadow can ask Infinite about what he means by that, however, the facility they are in begins to explode, and Infinite uses this opportunity to escape. Rouge finally gets in contact with Shadow, and instructs him to get out of there before it collapses. Having no choice in the matter, Shadow withdraws.


Virtual Reality is played entirely in a 2.5D perspective, and is rather straightforward, consisting of one linear path with few alternate paths along it.

The main differences from Guardian Rock is that the stage is full of Galaga Bees that fly around in long rows. By Homing Attacking these Badniks, Shadow can destroy an entire chain of them in seconds by attacking them one by one, potentially reaching different sections in the stage. Shadow will also encounter a unique hazard in the form of Infinite's red energy cubes at various points; if he touches those cubes, he will take damage. In some places, there are cube formations that will lock onto Shadow's current position when he appears, before turning into streaks and launching themselves towards him. In other places, these cubes will float around platforms, thereby forming protective barriers with only a single opening in them that the player can cut through.

Also, unlike Guardian Rock, Shadow does not encounter the Death Crab in this stage.


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