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Network Terminal
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Network Terminal
Seventeenth level, Sonic Forces
Location: Chemical Plant
Level theme: industrial
Played as: Modern Sonic, Shadow (DLC)
Non-English names:
  • JP: ネットワークターミナル Nettowākutāminaru
Guardian Rock | Death Egg

Network Terminal is the seventeenth stage of Sonic Forces and the fifth stage to be played by Modern Sonic. This stage is located in the Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, but influenced by the version seen in Sonic Generations.


After a successful diversionary action at Guardian Rock that has left Network Terminal unguarded, Sonic moves in to take the Chemical Plant on behalf of the Resistance. Knuckles himself leads him in the direction of the computer room, where he can turn off the defensive systems around the Death Egg. In typical Sonic-fashion, Sonic manages to enjoy his death-defying mission, and eventually finds the computer room in the depths of the Chemical Plant.


Network Terminal is split into an outdoor portion and an indoor portion. The outdoor portion primarily consists of Sonic grinding on rails that he must jump to and from to reach different paths, and grab on to zip lines to reach other areas.

The indoor portion brings in a unique gimmick: Mega Mack will rain down from the ceiling at certain spots at intervals. If Sonic gets caught by the Mega Mack, he will be immobilized on the spot or pushed down. In some cases, the Mega Mack will push down rotating platforms, thereby allowing Sonic to ride the platforms to different places. Like the preceding Chemical Plant level, there are high-speed warp tubes to enter.



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