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This is the Sonic Community Hacking Guide for the PC version of Sonic Forces.
Sonic Forces you to use this stuff to fix his game.


Hedge Mod Manager

Hedge Mod Manager is a mod/code loader and manager for various Hedgehog Engine-based games, most noticeably Sonic Forces. It was written in C# by Radfordhound and thesupersonic16, and is fully open-source/under the MIT License. You can download the latest version here.


SFPac is an open-source Python script written by Skyth which can be used to extract/repack archives in the Forces variation of the .PAC format. You can download the latest version here.

Simply drop .PAC files onto it to extract them, or drop a folder onto it to repack.


ModelConverter is a command-line tool written by Skyth in C++ that allows you to convert FBX/DAE files to .model and .material files in the Forces variation of the format (I.E. with the new header). You can download it here.

Simply drop an FBX or DAE file onto it to convert it to Forces .model and .material formats.

Additionally however, you can append "tags" to the end of your model/mesh/material names before exporting to FBX/DAE to set various options.

  • @LYR(layer) Specifies what layer the given material will operate on.
  • @NAME(meshName) Specifies the name of the given mesh. Used for mouth-swapping, for example.
  • @PRP(propertyName, value) Specifies a property that will be added to the header of the given mesh.

Properties are a component of the new header used in Lost World and Forces. Some examples of properties include:

  • ShadowCa Specifies whether or not the given mesh should cast a shadow.
  • ShadowRe Specifies whether or not the given mesh should receive a shadow.

For example, if you wish to make a mesh called "MyMesh" cast a shadow, you'd simply append "@PRP(ShadowCa, true)" to the end of its name, so that the mesh's name is "MyMesh@PRP(ShadowCa, true)" upon exporting the FBX/DAE file.


HedgeEdit is an open-source level editor similar to SonicGlvl, but with support for various 3D Sonic games in the series, rather than being primarily focused on Sonic Generations. It was written in C# by Radfordhound using HedgeLib, and is under the MIT License. You can download the latest version here.


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