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Mega Drive version

Level headers

Level headers are 42 bytes each. They contain data needed to load their layout, objects, etc. Below is the format for a level header. N/A means that we yet don't know its functionality, however looking at their values it seems like them all are pointers. If a question mark (?) is in the description, then the content isn't confirmed yet. All palettes pointers are indices from some array.

Offset Size Type Description Compression
$0 4 bytes Pointer Object placement RNC
$4 4 bytes Pointer Collision layout RNC
$8 4 bytes Pointer Graphics for plane B tiles RNC
$C 4 bytes Pointer Graphics for plane A tiles N/A
$10 4 bytes Pointer 32x32 mappings for plane B N/A
$14 4 bytes Pointer 32x32 mappings for plane A N/A
$18 4 bytes Pointer Level layout N/A
$1C 4 bytes Pointer List of miscellaneous graphics to load Custom, graphics use RNC
$20 4 bytes Pointer Start position, checkpoint positions, etc. N/A
$24 2 bytes N/A Unused? (always $0000) N/A
$26 1 byte Index 1st palette None
$27 1 byte Index 2nd palette None
$28 1 byte Index 3rd palette None
$29 1 byte Index 4th palette None

Level headers locations

Those are the addresses for the headers of all the levels in the game. They point to the beginning of the header data, of course.

Offset Description
$1AB62 Green Grove Zone Act 1
$1AB8C Green Grove Zone Act 2
$1ABB6 Green Grove Zone Act 3
$1AC5E Rusty Ruin Zone Act 1
$1AC34 Rusty Ruin Zone Act 2
$1AC88 Rusty Ruin Zone Act 3
$1ADAE Spring Stadium Zone Act 1
$1ADD8 Spring Stadium Zone Act 2
$1AE02 Spring Stadium Zone Act 3
$1ACB2 Diamond Dust Zone Act 1
$1ACDC Diamond Dust Zone Act 2
$1AD06 Diamond Dust Zone Act 3
$1AD5A Volcano Valley Zone Act 1
$1AD30 Volcano Valley Zone Act 2
$1AD84 Volcano Valley Zone Act 3
$1ABE0 Gene Gadget Zone Act 1
$1AC0A Gene Gadget Zone Act 2
$1AE2C Gene Gadget Zone Act 3
$1AE80 Panic Puppet Zone Act 1
$1AE56 Panic Puppet Zone Act 2
$1AEAA Panic Puppet Zone Act 3
$1AED4 The Final Fight

Eggman hit count locations

Offset Description
$DDBB Green Grove Zone
$6DD5 Rusty Ruins
$8851 Spring Stadium Zone
$F265 Diamond Dust Zone
$9E65 Volcano Valley Zone
$11113 Gene Gadget Zone
$125ED Panic Puppet Zone Right Arm Part 1?
$13097 Panic Puppet Zone Right Arm Part 2?

Sonic 3D FMV Player

S3DPlay - Developed by sasuke, this is a proof of concept program to demonstrate how the Mega Drive version of Flickies' Island generates video during the opening sequence.


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