Imperial Tower

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Imperial Tower
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Imperial Tower
Twenty-first level, Sonic Forces
Location: Eggman Empire Fortress
Level theme: industrial
Played as: Avatar
Non-English names:
  • JP: インペリアルタワー Inperiarutawā
Null Space | Mortar Canyon

Imperial Tower is the twenty-first stage of Sonic Forces and the seventh stage to be played by the Avatar. The stage itself takes place at the Eggman Empire Fortress and leads up along its main tower.

The theme that plays in this stage is Fading World.


With less than an hour before Dr. Eggman launches his plan to eradicate any opposition to his Eggman Empire, the Resistance launches one final attack on Eggman at the Eggman Empire Fortress. Although they have to win by destroying Eggman's Phantom Ruby, Miles "Tails" Prower is sad about this, since Classic Sonic will return to his dimension once the Ruby is gone.

Though the Resistance can plough through the replica horde, they find opposition against Infinite, who attempts to wipe out the Resistance, but is caught off-guard by E-123 Omega. Infuriated by the opposition, Eggman orders Infinite to deploy his endgame immediately: a virtual sun over the planet which Eggman plans to burn the Resistance to ashes with. Amidst the chaos however, Tails notices the active Phantom Ruby prototype in the Avatar's hand and, realizing that the Avatar can use their Phantom Ruby prototype (which only lets the one who activated it use it), theorizes that the Avatar can use it to neutralize Infinite's sun.

Under Tails' guidance, the Avatar makes their way up the tower while Knuckles, Espio and Vector lose hope, and while Knuckles urges the Avatar to fall back, everyone else soon realizes that the Avatar is their last hope and begin to cheer them on. Eggman, on the other hand, believes the Avatar's efforts are in vain. The Avatar reaches the top of the tower and jumps into the sun with the prototype, making it disappear just before it hits the planet, and becoming exhausted from all the effort after landing. Eggman is flabbergasted from what he had just witnessed, as he thought he had destroyed all of the prototypes, only for Tails to mock his oversight while helping the Avatar. The Avatar's feat also gives the Resistance a morale boost.


Imperial Tower takes place entirely in 2.5D, and is a vertical climb to the top of the tower with many platforms to cross and bottomless pits to avoid. To climb upward, the Avatar is required to perform Wall Jumps in order to scale shafts (and is the only instance in the entire game where the move is used). Some shafts are blocked by breakable containers however, which must be cleared out with a Stomp.

In terms of hazards, Imperial Tower is filled with blocks that conduct electricity, as well as purple energy orbs that travel along the surfaces of platforms that will hurt upon contact. Halfway through the stage, the Avatar will also be chased by a blue death ray that slowly moves in from the left side of the screen. This laser will instantly kill the Avatar should they touch it.

Every Wisp in the game is available in this level, so the player can go in with any type of Wispon and be able to use their special action. The Void Wispon is a good choice for this level as it is capable of getting rid of the harmful energy orbs.


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