Egg Dragoon (Sonic Forces boss)

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Egg Dragoon
Egg Dragoon
Game: Sonic Forces
Level: Green Hill (Sonic Forces)
Hits to defeat: 13 (total), 5 (first phase), 8 (second phase)
Fought by: Classic Sonic

The Egg Dragoon is the third boss in Sonic Forces and the first to be faced with Classic Sonic. After conversing with Infinite in Green Hill, Dr. Eggman notices Classic Sonic's presence, and decides to deal with him personally.


The first phase is based on Green Hill Zone's boss from Sonic the Hedgehog, but with a circular chainsaw instead of the ball-and-chain. Defeating this boss requires the same strategy as the original fight by using the floating platforms to jump on Eggman to inflict damage. After dealing five hits, the second phase begins with the return of the Egg Dragoon, but with different attack patterns from its previous iterations seen in Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Generations.

The Egg Dragoon remains in the background at all times out of Classic Sonic's reach, and will launch a barrage of attacks at the pint-sized hedgehog while flying from side to side, such as several drills in succession or a stream of bullets from its cannon. After launching its attacks, the Egg Dragoon will fly further into the background and start digging into the ground, launching several rocks and terrain debris at Classic Sonic. The black rocks can be attacked with a simple Spin Jump, Spin Dash or Drop Dash to knock back at the Egg Dragoon, dealing damage. Brown terrain debris on the other hand gets destroyed when the player attacks them. It takes a total of 8 black rocks to take down the Egg Dragoon and force Eggman to retreat.

The same strategy for the black rocks is repeated in the first phase of the battle against the Death Egg Robot.


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