Virtual Enemies

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" Virtual Enemies "
Capital City Theme, Sonic Forces
Album: Sonic Forces Vocal Traxx - On The Edge
Arrangement by: Tomoya Ohtani
Vocals: Jon Underdown

Virtual Enemies is Capital City's theme in Sonic Forces. The song describes the illusions created by the Phantom Ruby, which the Avatar must avoid and ignore.


No matter what may come our way
We have the odds, we'll make them pay
They're not real, they're make-believe
We will defeat insanity

Virtual reality
Just a bunch of soulless fakes
We'll bring them down onto their knees
We will defeat insanity

Don't believe... virtual... enemies

We will defeat insanity

Nothing's real, it's all a game
We will win, make no mistake
You must trust your heart, not what you see

Just a crazy fantasy
We will win, I guarantee
Nothing can defeat reality