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Death Egg
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Death Egg
Eighteenth level, Sonic Forces
Location: Death Egg
Level themes: space station, industrial, outer space
Played as: Classic Sonic
Non-English names:
  • JP: デスエッグ Desueggu
Network Terminal | Metropolitan Highway
This page is about the level in Sonic Forces. For other uses and levels, see Death Egg (disambiguation).

Death Egg is the eighteenth stage of Sonic Forces and the fifth stage to be played by Classic Sonic. As the name would suggest, this level is a straight-up re-imagining of Death Egg Zone from Sonic & Knuckles.


With the Death Egg's weapons system shut down by Sonic from within the Chemical Plant, Classic Sonic gets ready to board the Death Egg so he can destroy it and cut off the power supply powering the Eggman Empire's Phantom Ruby.

Between Tails' optimism and Vector's skepticism about the success rate of this mission, Classic Sonic gets onboard the Death Egg, only to discover that, much to Knuckles' surprise, its defense systems are still online. Figuring that the Death Egg's crew have switched over to auxiliary power, Tails is certain that Classic Sonic can handle this nonetheless. Along the way, Vector begins to feel disorientated from the shifting gravity, but the hedgehog manages to cause such a ruckus that the Death Egg begins to crumble, eventually exploding after he makes his escape. While the Resistance celebrates this victory, Dr. Eggman retreats to Metropolis with Infinite to prepare their next move.


As a re-imagining of the Sonic & Knuckles version of the Death Egg, this level features many of the gimmicks that were present in the original zone, most primarily conveyor belts. Among the conveyor belts found here, some of them even move along a certain path, making platforming more tricky, and some of them will be carrying Egg Pawns to make traversing them more dangerous.

Other gimmicks that return from the S&K version include the light beam transportation systems that carry Classic Sonic around, the light beam bridges that flicker on and off at intervals, glowing panels that can hurt Sonic if he steps on them, laser cannons that function similarly to the original missile launchers, and sudden shifts in gravity that will cause Sonic to walk on the ceiling.


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