Eggman's Facility

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Eggman's Facility
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Eggman's Facility
Second Episode Shadow level, Sonic Forces
Location: Mystic Jungle
Level themes: jungle, ancient ruins, carnival/casino
Played as: Shadow
Non-English names:
  • JP: 軍関連施設 Gun Kanren Shisetsu
Enemy Territory | Virtual Reality

Eggman's Facility is the second stage of the Episode Shadow DLC in Sonic Forces. Set in the Mystic Jungle, this is a modified version of Aqua Road and thus has similar elements from that level.

The music that plays here is a remix of Rhythm and Balance from Sonic Adventure 2.


After Shadow the Hedgehog encounters Infinite at last within the confines of an Eggman base, the mysterious being begins to tell his story of his last encounter with Shadow several months ago...

Whilst en-route to raid and destroy one of Dr. Eggman's many facilities, Shadow encountered the Jackal Squad, a group of mercenaries hired by Eggman to guard his base. However, they were no match for the Ultimate Lifeform as all but their captain (who was elsewhere) were wiped out. Surprised by this, Eggman ordered all of his available troops to take out Shadow "by any means necessary", with increased desperation to protect the base as Shadow got closer to it, even though the facility had already finished its analysis of the "stone" the day prior.

Upon finally reaching the base, Shadow is greeted by the Jackal Squad's captain, the soon-to-be Infinite, a.k.a. the "ultimate mercenary". The jackal lunged towards Shadow to avenge his squad, but due to his skill with Chaos Control, Shadow effortlessly dodged the mercenary and struck back with a powerful counterattack. Shadow then leaves the beaten and humiliated mercenary, warning him to never show his "pathetic face" around him ever again. Physically and psychologically wounded, the mercenary questioned his superiority, and all he could do was scream helplessly into the night that he was "not weak".

Back in the present, Infinite recounts that since that day, he had discarded his old identity—going as far as to wear a mask to abandon his old face—and obtained the power to "make all yield" to him. Now, with limitless power at his fingertips, Infinite is ready to crush Shadow, which he promptly attempts to do so by trapping Shadow in an illusion.


In terms of gameplay, Eggman's Facility plays out just like Aqua Road, but is shorter and has more obstacles and gimmicks to avoid.

Like the original stage, Eggman's Facility is predominately full of water slides that Shadow will slide downward automatically. Control is limited on these slides, and the player must steer Shadow carefully to avoid sliding off into a bottomless pit. While sliding, the player must also be wary of outdated Moto Bugs, who drift down the slides alongside the player; if Shadow collides with a Moto Bug, the Moto Bug will be destroyed and he will get knocked around, making navigation on the slides more difficult. Unlike the original stage, golden Moto Bugs also appear, which take three hits to destroy and will drop a Super Ring or a Red Star Ring once destroyed.

The other primary obstacle the player will encounter are spiked balls that appear either along the water slides (often alongside the Moto Bugs) or being swung around by revolving bars. They must also watch out for thorn bushes.


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