Capital City

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Capital City
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Capital City
Thirteenth level, Sonic Forces
Location: Metropolis
Level theme: urban
Played as: Avatar
Boss: Infinite
Non-English names:
  • JP: キャピタルシティ Kyapitarushiti
Sunset Heights | Chemical Plant

Capital City is the thirteenth stage of Sonic Forces and the fifth stage to be played by the Avatar. It takes place in Metropolis, a city with futuristic ambience under Dr. Eggman's command and affected by the illusions created by the Phantom Ruby. The appearance of the stage as well as the location name are influenced by Grand Metropolis from Sonic Heroes.

The theme that plays in this stage is Virtual Enemies.


While Sonic is dealing with Shadow in the city, Knuckles notices that Eggman's troops are spent elsewhere, and devises a daring assault on Metropolis which he calls "Operation Big Wave" in which the Resistance takes advantage of the situation in the city by launching an all-out attack on the doctor's forces; if they can destroy Eggman's army, the Resistance will win the war to take back the planet.

The attack is launched, with the Avatar joining in on the assault. However, Infinite soon arrives and proceeds to deal with opposing might of the Resistance. Using the power of the Phantom Ruby, Infinite affects the gravity of the city and creates monstrous clones of himself to fight back against the Resistance. The resulting chaos causes the Resistance to suffer heavy casualties, losing 80% of their attacking troops. Even with their hopes riding on the Avatar, who is still able to fight despite the confusion, the Resistance has no choice but to retreat so that they can live to fight another day.


Capital City is a relatively straightforward stage, with multiple pathways being available through Grind Rail sections or depending on which Wispon the player has equipped.

Throughout the level, Infinite will be using the Phantom Ruby's powers to affect the gravitational pull. When this happens, time slows down while the Avatar adjusts to the new angle, making for a disorientating experience for the player. Infinite will also create multiple distorted and gigantic clones of himself that will destroy walkways with their hands, which will force the player down other routes. In terms of obstacles, the stage has cannons that slide out of the ground and shoot red lasers that inflict damage upon contact. The player can jump over or run past these lasers, though.


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