Guardian Rock

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Guardian Rock
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Guardian Rock
Sixteenth level, Sonic Forces
Location: Green Hill
Level themes: tropical island, desert/western, industrial
Played as: Avatar
Non-English names:
  • JP: ガーディアンロック Gādianrokku
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Guardian Rock is the sixteenth stage of Sonic Forces and the sixth stage to be played by the Avatar. This is the fourth stage set in the desertified Green Hill Zone, with many factory buildings under the influence of the Eggman Empire.

The theme that plays in this stage is Set in Motion.


Seeking to take down the Death Egg in order to depower the Phantom Ruby with only one day left before Dr. Eggman's endgame begins, the Resistance needs to divert the attention of the Eggman Empire's forces away from the Chemical Plant for their plan to work. Believing that an assault from the Avatar will throw Eggman off, the Resistance rookie is sent to Guardian Rock to cause a ruckus.

While the Avatar makes their way through Guardian Rock, the Resistance are notified of the menacing Death Crab that protects the facility in the proximity, which the Resistance soldiers cannot handle at the moment. After Amy conducts an analysis of the robot, Knuckles advises the Avatar to divert the Death Crab's attention and just run rampant through Eggman's forces.


The majority of the stage is played from a 2.5D perspective as the player must trek through the factories of Green Hill and tear through enemies while avoiding crushers, bottomless pits and the Death Crab's legs. A variety of Wisps can be found throughout the level, allowing the player to go to town with the different Wispons available.

The stage ends with the Death Crab pursuing the Avatar through the canyons, changing the perspective to 3D and making the player run toward the screen and avoid rock blocks thrown at them using Quick Step. Survive long enough, and a quick-time event begins. Executing it successfully will make the Avatar swing around the Death Crab while they tie its legs up using their grappling hook. After taking down the Death Crab, the Avatar will run through the goal.


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