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Aqua Road
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Aqua Road
Eleventh level, Sonic Forces
Location: Mystic Jungle
Level themes: jungle, ancient ruins
Played as: Avatar
Non-English names:
  • JP: アクアロード Akuarōdo
Casino Forest | Sunset Heights

Aqua Road is the eleventh stage of Sonic Forces and the fourth stage to be played by the Avatar. This stage located in a part of the Mystic Jungle where there are several waterslides made from the tree bark. In parallel, the moonlit jungle is being destroyed by the Eggman Empire.

The theme that plays in this stage is Moonlight Battlefield.


Aqua Road was originally an ancient ruin. After Dr. Eggman took over the planet, he began construction on the area to turn it into a casino.

When the Resistance detects two lifeforms near the abandoned laboratory where Sonic and Silver fought Infinite, the Avatar is sent to Aqua Road to check it out. Upon the Avatar's arrival in the jungle, Amy, Knuckles and Silver discuss the lifeforms they detected, with Silver worrying that if the intruders are not robots, then the Avatar might be in over their head. Amy and Knuckles soon after talk about how remote the laboratory's location is, which might mean it was conducting secret experiments. When the Avatar later ends up on a waterslide, Knuckles expresses a bit of jealousy, although he tries to hide it from a prying Amy.

At the end of the level, the Avatar finds a Phantom Ruby prototype (the very same prototype dropped by Infinite earlier on) as well as Tails and Classic Sonic (who had both arrived here trying to find Sonic).


Aqua Road is full of waterslides that the Avatar will slide downward automatically, which most of the level consists of. Control is limited on these slides, and the player must steer their Avatar carefully to avoid sliding off into a bottomless pit. While sliding, the player must also be wary of outdated Moto Bugs, who drift down the slides alongside the player; if the Avatar collides with a Moto Bug, the Moto Bug will be destroyed and they will get knocked around, making navigation on the slides more difficult. They must also watch out for thorn bushes.


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