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Infinite is fought three times throughout Sonic Forces as the second, fourth and sixth bosses of the game, faced by Modern Sonic and the Avatar accordingly. Classic Sonic does not get to fight him at any point in the game.


First battle (Mystic Jungle)

SonicForces Switch InfiniteBoss1.jpg
Game: Sonic Forces
Level: Luminous Forest
Hits to defeat: 8
Fought by: Modern Sonic

The first time Infinite is battled is after Sonic makes it through Luminous Forest and steps in to help Silver. After introducing himself to Sonic, the jackal proceeds to fight the blue blur again.

The fight begins with the player landing on a giant snake and running along it with Infinite hovering before them. This boss requires the player to catch up with him by collecting Wisp Capsules, boosting up to him and then landing a Homing Attack on him. During the fight, Infinite will make energy barriers made of cubes that appear on the path. Should Sonic touch these barriers, he will not only take damage, but also be cast into a virtual reality for a while, where spikes protrude and real spiked balls roll along the path Sonic runs on.

After hitting him, Infinite will change up his pattern for the energy barriers he places, and the player must repeat the process two more times. Afterwards, he will create replicas of himself, and Sonic will jump off the Snake and bounce off springs to reach them, then skip across the replicas with continuous Homing Attacks to hit him again. Once again, Sonic will be running on the snake chasing Infinite. After he's down to half health, Infinite will produce energy barriers which come at Sonic from the side. Jump to avoid them, then do another Homing Attack on Infinite when Sonic gets close enough.

When Infinite is down to his last segment of health, he will do the same strategy of creating replicas as Sonic bounces in the air from Springs, only this time he will produce even more replicas. The player should continue to do Homing Attacks on the replicas until Sonic reaches Infinite, dealing the final hit and ending the fight. If the replicas are not attacked, the player will just land on the snake and will have to try again.

Second battle (Metropolis)

SonicForces Switch InfiniteBoss2.jpg
Game: Sonic Forces
Level: Capital City
Fought by: Avatar

The second battle with Infinite occurs after the jackal foils "Operation Big Wave" in Capital City. When the Avatar attempts to retreat, they are stopped by Infinite, but the timid rookie builds up the courage to stand up to him after remembering encouraging words from Sonic.

The battle takes place within a confined room, with Infinite hovering around and firing cube-based homing shots. Do not be afraid of them. When they get close enough, simply run under them, and jump only when they are completely on the ground. The player must also watch out if cube particles appear on the floor, as walls of cubes will pop out from them, which will happen three times in succession. Should the player be hit by the walls or homing shots, they will be trapped in one of two virtual realities: one where there are cannons appearing on both the ground and the ceiling that they must avoid by moving, though they'll be hard to avoid due to the screen being partially obscured; and a virtual reality where there are missiles firing at the Avatar that must be avoided by moving out of the way.

To damage Infinite, the player simply has to use their Wispon on him when he gets within range. Certain Wispons like Lightning and Cube can be used to damage him, but the Asteroid Wispon is generally a good choice for this fight as the player can take advantage of the Indigo Wisp that appears in the room. After doing enough damage to Infinite, he will summon Egg Pawns to impede the player. His homing shots will appear more frequently, the walls will be faster, and he will even try to fly into the background to avoid the player's attacks.

With all of this in mind, the player should just rinse and repeat, and the boss battle will be over.

Final battle (Eggman Empire Fortress)

SonicForces Switch InfiniteBoss3.jpg
Game: Sonic Forces
Level: Mortar Canyon
Hits to defeat: 6
Fought by: Modern Sonic + Avatar

The third and final battle against Infinite takes place after Sonic gets through Mortar Canyon. Despite having consumed a lot of the Phantom Ruby's power by creating the virtual sun earlier, Infinite still claims to have enough power to destroy Sonic.

The entire battle is functionally identical to the battle against Metal Sonic earlier on in the game, as it is a running battle where Infinite uses the Phantom Ruby's power to increase his size, then flies away from Sonic. To damage him, the player must boost to get close enough to use a Homing Attack on him and his orbiting Moto Bugs. The main differences from Metal Sonic's fight is that instead of electrical pillars, Infinite will create spinning cube pinwheels that will trap the player in one of two virtual realities if they hit one: one where there are vertical lasers perpendicular to the ground, and one where there are spinning lasers. The other main difference is that Sonic will fight Infinite alone throughout the first phase of the fight.

After successfully landing two full hits on Infinite, the Avatar will appear and assist Sonic like in the Tag Team stages, and the second phase of the fight will begin. The spinning pinwheels will be harder to dodge and will necessitate the use of Quick Step to avoid, and Infinite will start mimicking Metal's Maximum Overdrive Attack which the player can either dodge using Quick Step or counter with a fully-charged Drill Wispon or the Cube Wispon's air attack. Sometimes, in this phase, Infinite may not have Moto Bugs surrounding him, and will simply float in front of Sonic and the Avatar. Boost towards Infinite and perform up to three Homing Attacks on him.

Like with Metal Sonic, a wall of energy cubes will chase the player, causing damage if they are not moving fast enough or stall in place for too long. The player must also not take too long to defeat Infinite, as they will eventually come to a dead end where Infinite escapes and leaves the player to be caught by the cube wave, thus forcing the player to restart the fight.

When enough damage has been dealt to Infinite, the player will be prompted to use a Double Boost to rush down Infinite, landing the finishing blow.


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