Sunset Heights

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Sunset Heights
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Sunset Heights
Twelfth level, Sonic Forces
Location: City
Level theme: urban
Played as: Modern Sonic, Shadow (DLC)
Non-English names:
  • JP: サンセットハイツ Sansettohaitsu
Aqua Road | Capital City

Sunset Heights is the twelfth stage of Sonic Forces and the fourth stage to be played by Modern Sonic. This level is located in a city in chaos with hordes of Assault-class Death Egg Robots and other Eggman Empire robots destroying buildings and monuments, among other architectures; a total war zone under the light of the setting sun.

It was the first stage to be announced and revealed to the public during the Gotta Go Fast panel at SXSW 2017, serving as an example for Modern Sonic gameplay.


Just as Tails had revealed that Dr. Eggman will have a some kind of plan for wiping out the Resistance ready in three days time, Vector reveals that Shadow the Hedgehog is tearing through the Resistance's troops in Park Avenue. Sonic decides to get on the case and get some answers from the brooding hedgehog as to why he's helping the Eggman Empire.

While Sonic cruises through the city, the Resistance tries their best to hold off the robots that are ravaging through, though Silver suggests to Sonic that he should hurry. Amy reports to Sonic that Shadow has been sighted nearby, with Sonic finally locating the black hedgehog. Shadow proceeds to charge at Sonic when the latter promptly asks him for his deal, when another Shadow suddenly appears and takes out the first one. As the beaten Shadow fades away, the real Shadow tells a confused Sonic that the Shadow he just faced was a fake; one of many heartless reproductions of familiar faces created by Infinite.


Sunset Heights is a straightforward fast-paced stage with destruction to avoid, along with an overwhelming number of enemies and obstacles for Sonic to plough through. There are also a number of pathways in the stage to choose from, whether if the player wants to go along a higher route or a lower route. There are also red platforms that collapse a couple of seconds after the player steps on them.


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