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Sonic the Hedgehog is a very famous character in pop culture, as well as Sega's official mascot, and as such, has appeared in many games, many of which are Sega-published titles, as either cameo, allusion, Easter egg, or playable character(s). The following is a (working) compiled list of appearances by Sonic the Hedgehog, and/or any other character or element related to Sonic the Hedgehog, in non-Sonic video game titles:

Video games

Game Release date System Description Screenshot
A Hard Day's Night 1995 PC-98 A Sonic the Hedgehog-like plushie appears in one of the character's bedrooms. References AHardDaysNight PC98 Sonicplush.png
Action Henk 2015 PC There's an unlockable outfit called "Blue Blaze Henk" that's basically a Sonic costume. BlueBlazeHenk.jpg
The Adventures of Quik & Silva 1991-05-10 Amiga Sonic the Hedgehog appears as one of the game's enemies. References QuikandSilva Amiga Sonicenemy.png
Alien Front Online 2001-08-07 Sega Dreamcast Sonic appears on a billboard. References AlientFrontOnline DC Sonic.jpeg
Aliens: Colonial Marines 2013-02-11 PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 A locker contains a checkered sphere and smaller red and blue spheres, a reference to the Special Stage in Sonic the Hedgehog 3. References AliensColonialMarines PC Sonic3specialstage.png
Art Alive! 1991 Sega Mega Drive Sonic appears as "stamps" to be placed. References ArtAlive MD Sonicstamp.png
Asterix & Obelix XXL 2: Mission Las Vegum 2005 PC, PlayStation 2, PSP One faction of Roman warriors wears blue headgear that resembles Sonic spines, along with Sonic's trademark red shoes. They carry gold rings. Asterix Sonic reference.jpg
Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II 1992-07-17 Sega Mega Drive Sonic runs across a menu screen. References SuperMonacoGPII MD Sonicmenu.png
Bayonetta 2009-10-29 PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Switch During the game's beginning sequence, Bayonetta and Enzo conduct a funeral for a man named Eggman, with Enzo stating, "Even old Eggman the Destroyer gets scrambled in the end, right?" Originally, game designer Hideki Kamiya did not intend this line to be a reference to the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, recalling, "I had just randomly decided to use the word "Eggman". Then I found out it was the name of a character in another famous game. I figured if the fans get a kick out of it, then it is fine to leave it as it is."[1] References Bayonetta PS3 Eggman.jpg
Beach Spikers: Virtua Beach Volleyball 2001-07 Arcade, Nintendo GameCube A giant inflatable Sonic floats above one of the volleyball courts. References BeachSpikersVirtuaBeachVolleyball GC Sonicinflatable.jpg
Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg 2003-09-23 Nintendo GameCube Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and a Chao feature as hidden egg animals. References BillyHatcher GC Sonic.jpg
Blue Stinger 1999-03-25 Sega Dreamcast The game's Toy Shop area is occupied with various real and fictional Sega products, including copies of Sonic Adventure. Additionally, the minigame Stamp Rally features a character with a very Sonic-like face and eye design. References BlueStinger DC SonicAdventure.png
Bryce's Movement Engine¹ 2020-01-17 Windows PC A hidden area contains the words "WHO IS BRY" spelled in Rings atop a Sonic-esque tiled floor, while another features phrases presented through Mega Drive-era Sonic series stage introductions. References BrycesMovementEngine PC Rings.png
References BrycesMovementEngine PC stagecard.png
Buck Up And Drive! 2022-01-10 PC One of the random environments in the game is Green Hilltop, which is based on Green Hill Zone and similar levels in the Sonic series. BuckUpAndDrive PC GreenHilltop.png
Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble 1996-07 Mega Drive Bugs Bunny comes across sneakers resembling Sonic's shoes, which seem to have been abandoned. The left shoe impatiently taps up and down similarly to Sonic's iconic waiting pose.[2]
References BugsBunnyDoubleTrouble MD Sonicsshoes.png
Burning Rangers 1998-02-26 Sega Saturn Lead Phoenix's hockey stick has a Sonic logo on it. Stage 3 contains areas called Greenhill Lounge and Starlight Lounge. Rescuing Naoto Ohshima a second time yields a picture of Sonic. References BurningRangers SAT Sonic.png
Bug! 1995-07-28 Sega Saturn, PC Sonic the Hedgehog makes two cameo appearances in the stage Reptilia; once in a bonus level where the player competes against him in a footrace, and another in a secret area as a visual-only cameo. By enabling the cheat which makes Bug able to move anywhere, you can actually walk up and kill him like a regular enemy.[3] Bug Sonic bonus stage.png
Candy Land 1998 Windows PC The famous Ring collection sound effect is used whenever clicking the next available space on the game board.[3][4]
Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams 1996-11-22 Sega Saturn One of the unlockable presents is Sonic into Dreams, which sees the player control Sonic, on foot, complete Spring Valley in a similar means to Claris or Elliot in the main game. Additionally, a Christmas-themed Dr. Eggman is fought in place of the boss Puffy.
ChristmasNights Saturn SonicIntoDreams.png
ChuChu Rocket! 1999-11-11 Sega Dreamcast Clear all 25 puzzles in the Stage Challenge mode, and you can have the normal ChuChus replaced with Chao (Dreamcast version only). References ChuChuRocket DC Chao.png
Clockwork Knight 2 1995-07-28 Sega Saturn In a hidden movie, a Sonic toy can be seen sitting on a shelf. References ClockworkKnight2 SAT Sonic.png
Cookie Run: Kingdom 2021 iOS, Android From September 17 to October 16, 2021, a special crossover event was held which allowed players to run through Green Hill Zone in a special story event featuring Sonic and Tails as Cookies teaming up with the Cookies to defeat Dr. Eggman. Collecting the seven Chaos Emeralds would unlock Sonic Cookie and Tails Cookie as team members, and Sonic-themed kingdom decorations could be unlocked.
CookieRunKingdom iOS SonicCookieGameplay.png
Cool Riders 1995-04 Arcade When a player finishes a race and reaches the high score table, there are mini-Sonic and Tails head icons that can be used for a player's initials. References CoolRiders ARC Sonic Tails.png
Crazy Faces Unreleased Sega Game Gear The first puzzle is based off the European cover for Sonic the Hedgehog.
CrazyFaces GG Puzzle01.png
Crusader of Centy 1994-06-17 Sega Mega Drive Sonic lays in a lawn chair on Anemone Beach. Talk to Sonic and he says: "Tsk, tsk. I'm a gallant hedgehog. Don't mess or you'll get burned." He says this in the Japanese verison as well (「チッチッチッ!オレは、イナセなハリネズミ。さわると、ヤケドするぜ。」) References CrusaderofCenty MD Sonic.png
Daytona USA 1993-08 Arcade, Sega Saturn Sonic appears carved in a stone mountain on the Three-Seven Speedway course. References DaytonaUSAChampionship SAT Sonicrock.png
Daytona 3 Championship USA 2017 Arcade Sonic appears once again in a stone mountain on the Three-Seven Speedway course, this time in his post-Sonic Adventure design. References Daytona3ChampionshipUSA ARC Sonicrock.png
Death Road to Canada 2016-07-22 Windows PC, Mac OS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, iOS, Android If a character with very high dexterity (movement speed) makes it to Canada, they will reference a Sonic quote or mention Sonic or Dr. Robotnik during the epilogue. In addition, one of their possible epilogues states that they nicknamed themselves "Sonic the Hedgehog".
Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax 2014-03-18 Arcade, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita Green Hill Zone appears as a stage. Sonic appears in the background of another stage, along with a Chao, NiGHTS, Opa-Opa and various pieces of Sega hardware. References DengekiBunkoFightingClimax GHZstage.jpgReferences DengekiBunkoFightingClimax Segastage.jpg
Derby Owners Club 1999-10 Arcade The track G1 Sega features a large inflatable Sonic balloon surrounded by spinning rings. References DerbyOwnersClub ARC Sonicinflatable.png
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 2016 PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC Boxes of a fictional Knuckles the Echidna spin-off game called Knuckles & Knuckles & Knuckles can be found on a shelf. Deus Ex Mankind Divided Knuckles cameo.jpg
Dirt Devils 1998-11 Arcade Sonic's head is seen on the hood of the Euro-Prototype car. References DirtDevils ARC Sonic.png
Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories 2006-02-23 PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable The character Tink can perform the special ability Sonic Roll, where he curls into a ball to attack in a Spin Dash-like manner. The ability is even accompanied by the corresponding sound effect, although the audio was replaced in the game's subsequent PlayStation Portable release.[3]
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest 1995-11-21 Super NES At the end of the game, Diddy gets rated as a video game hero according to how many of the DK Coins you collect. On the screen is a trash can labeled "No Hopers" with Sonic's shoes next to it (as well as the gun of Earthworm Jim). This was removed in the GBA version.
DonkeyKongCountry Ending.png
Ears of the Killer 2020-06-30 Windows PC ZZ proposes selling an "Orgone Videogame Entity" to increase company profits - which is actually an old Sonic the Hedgehog figurine with a spiral drawn on it.
References EarsoftheKiller PC OrgoneVideogameEntity.png
Exponential Idle 2020 iOS, Android The game awards the "Gotta Go Fast" achievement for reaching 2.5x speed with the acceleration button (requiring approximately 7 minutes of holding the button down.)[3]
F1 1993-08-27 Sega Master System Sonic is seen on billboards on some tracks.
F1 SMS SanMarino.png
F1 Pole Position 2 1993 Super NES As an officially licensed Formula One game, F1 Pole Position 2 includes cars from the 1993 F1 season. This includes Williams, which was the time was sponsored by Sega, and while the in-game sprites are too small to render any text, Sonic's red sneakers can just about be seen below the cockpit. Additionally, McLaren's roadkill hedgehog decal can be clearly seen on the background car.
F1PolePosition2 SNES Williams.png
Fall Guys 2020 PC, PlayStation 4 There is an unlockable outfit of Sonic for the player's Fall Guy, costing five crowns to unlock.[5] Later, a Knuckles outfit was also added.[6] References FallGuys PC Soniccostume.jpeg
Feel the Magic: XY/XX 2004-11-18 Nintendo DS In the 'Paint' mini game, one of the shapes which requires coloring is a Sonic head. You can also unlock a Sonic wig for your girlfriend, when Sonic Advance is inserted into the GBA cartridge slot. Having Sonic Advance 3 in the GBA cartridge slot will unlock a Chao wig. Both wigs can also be unlocked by completing the game on 'Hell mode'. References FeeltheMagicXYXX DS Sonicwig.png
Fighters Megamix 1996-12-21 Sega Saturn Bean the Dynamite and Bark the Polar Bear from Sonic the Fighters appear as playable characters, along with the South Island and Aurora Icefield stages from that game. References FightersMegamix SAT Bark Bean.png
Formula One World Championship: Beyond the Limit 1994-04-23 Sega Mega-CD Sonic and Tails' heads can be spotted on billboards on some tracks and the background of a menu.
References ForumaOneHeavenlySymphony MCD Sonicbillboard.png
Fighting Vipers 1995-11 Arcade, Sega Saturn In the intro movie, Sanman's pile of toys contains the Lunar Fox, Honey (in her alternative costume) and a transformed Rocket Metal from Sonic the Fighters. Bark the Polar Bear's legs and feet are also visible.
FightingVipers Saturn SonicMovie1.png
Gale Racer 1994-12 Sega Saturn The Sega Saturn port of Rad Mobile features the return of the original game's Sonic-series air fresheners, and adds a slew of additional characters such as Amy Rose and Metal Sonic. Galeracer-prototype-satComparison.png
Gem Smashers 2003-07-01 Game Boy Advance, Virtual Console, iOS One of the game's three playable characters is Bom, a blue hedgehog who boasts the fastest speed of any character.[3][7] References GemSmashers GBA Bom.png
Gem Smashers 2017-02-24 PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Switch, Xbox One Bom returns in the game's remake, boasting the same superior speed and Sonic-like design.[7] References GemSmashers Switch Bom.webp
Goat Simulator 2014 PC There is a goat called "Blue Streak" that can turn blue and run at great speeds. References GoatSimulator PC BlueStreak.jpg
Gran Turismo 6 2013 PlayStation 3 On the modern Fuji Speedway tracks (F, GT), there is a Sonic advertisement on the billboard bridge next to the SEGA-Sammy logo right after the start/finish line. References GranTurismo6 PS3 Sonic SegaSammy.png
Harley-Davidson & L.A. Riders 1997-12 Arcade At the gate of the mansion in the Beverly Hills stage, Sonic is featured on several stone blocks. References HarleyDavidsonLARiders ARC Sonic.png
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA 2009-07-02 PSP In the Miku's Room feature of the game, one of the obtainable items is a Mega Drive and an original Sonic the Hedgehog cartridge. References HatsuneMikuProjectDIVA PSP Sonic1 MegaDrive.png
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Extend 2011-11-10 PSP In celebration of Sonic's 20th Anniversary, Hatsune Miku dressed up as Sonic. An album that was given to those who pre-ordered the game featured Miku singing Live & Learn. References HatsuneMikuProjectDIVAExtend PSP Soniccostume.png
Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX 2015-05-28 Nintendo 3DS A Sonic statue can be bought and placed in your home. His description is "Everyone knows the blue blur. Gotta go fast!". References HatsuneMikuProjectMiraiDX 3DS Sonicfigurine.jpg
Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit 2012-09-25 PS3, Xbox 360, PC When Ash is given a radar, he asks "Do I look like I'm trying to collect 7 magic emeralds or something?" References HellYeahWrathoftheDeadRabbit 360 magicemeralds.png
Hyenas 2023 PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Windows PC Hero-Ki, a character in the game, cosplays as Sonic the Hedgehog, and has plushes of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy attached to the strap on his bag. Notavailable.svg
Illbleed 2001-03-29 Sega Dreamcast A boss named Zodick the Hellhog resembles Sonic the Hedgehog (albeit in Demon form) and even spouts rings when hit and Spin Dashes as an attack. References Illbleed DC Zodick.jpg
The Incredible Hulk 2008-06-05 PC, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS If the player jumps to random buildings, they can find a billboard with assorted illustrations of Sonic on it. References IncredibleHulk Sonicbillboard.png
J. League Pro Striker 1993-04-23 Sega Mega Drive Sonic is seen at the Sega logo. References JLeagueProStriker MD Sonic.png
Jet Set Radio 2000-06-29 Sega Dreamcast Players can tag various parts of the game's stages with graffiti of Sega character stock art, including Sonic, Dr. Eggman, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, E-102 Gamma, Big, and Chao from Sonic Adventure, with Sonic further appearing on a billboard in the game's ending cutscene. Additionally, the character Garam wears a necklace with a peculiarly-shaped skull on it - the game's art director Ryuta Ueda hinted that this is actually the skull of Sonic the Hedgehog.[8] References JetSetRadio DC Sonicending.png
Joe Montana II Sports Talk Football 1991-11 Sega Mega Drive Sonic occasionally appears on the megatron after a touchdown is scored. References JoeMontanaII MD Sonic.gif
Kid Icarus: Uprising 2012-03-22 Nintendo 3DS One of the weapons in the game is the Hedgehog Claws, which have fast rapid fire, fast charge time and gives the user a large speed boost. Its idol states they are "inspired by hedgehogs". KidIcarusUprising 3DS HedgehogClaws.png
L.A. Machineguns 1998-12 Arcade Sonic and the Sonic Adventure logo appear as neon signs in the Las Vegas stage. References LAMachineguns ARC SonicAdventure.png
Last Bronx 1996-06 Arcade, Saturn, PC, PS2 In Tommy's stage, there is a poster of Sonic on a building in the background. Also, there's a sticker of Sonic on Tommy's outfit. References LastBronx SAT Sonic.png
Le Mans 24 1997-09 Arcade Sonic is a hidden racer. References LeMans24 ARC Sonic.jpeg
Lego Dimensions 2015-09-27 PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U Sonic is included in the second series of characters that were released for the game. Lego Dimensions Sonic.png
LittleBigPlanet 2008 PlayStation 3 Five Sonic-themed skins based on Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Dr. Eggman and Sonic the Werehog, along with a set of Sonic decals were released in 2010. SONIC LittleBigPlanet.jpg
Lost Judgment 2021-09-24 PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One A Sonic the Fighters cabinet appears among a number of other Sega arcade classics.[9] References LostJudgment PS5 SonictheFighters.jpeg
Malice 2004-04-08 PlayStation 2 During one of the game's scenes, a bird scolds another bird for worshipping a blue hedgehog.[3]
Mario Kart 8 / Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 2014-05-29 Wii U, Nintendo Switch From v4.0 of the Wii U version onwards, tapping a Sonic amiibo will unlock a Sonic-themed racing suit for the player's Mii. Mk8sonicamiibo.jpg
Megalopolis: Tokyo City Battle 1993-03 AS-1 Numerous references to Sega were included as small cameos in Megalopolis: Tokyo City Battle's ride film; most notably, Sonic the Hedgehog appears on a large advertisement for bottled beer. References Megalopolis AS1 Sonicbeer.png
Metal Head 1995-02-24 Sega 32X Sonic appears on a neon sign on a building in the stage Downtown. References MetalHead 32X Sonicneonsign.png
Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse 1995-03-31 Mega Drive, Mega-CD Both Sonic and Tails' names are featured in the game's credits as nicknames for Tony Parks and Phil Snape.
References MickeyMania MD Sonic Tails.png
Mission in Snowdriftland 2021-12-01 PC In the Steam release of the game, the artifact recovered in level 17 is the Hedgehog Ring, which is based on the Rings from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
MissionInSnowdriftland PC HedgehogRing.png
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 2014 3DS A Sonic costume for the player's Palico was added to the game as part of free DLC in April 2015. The costume comes with Caliburn as a weapon. References MonsterHunter4Ultimate Sonic.jpg
Monster Hunter Rise 2021-03-26 Switch A number of Sonic-series cosmetic items and armors have been released which allow players to dress as Sonic, Tails, and more.[6] References MonsterHunterRise Sonic.png
Motor Raid 1997-10 Arcade One of the game's tracks features a large statue of Sonic the Hedgehog.[10] References MotorRaid ARC Sonicstatue.jpg
NBA 2K 1999-11-10 Sega Dreamcast Players can create a team called the Hedgehogs, which features Sonic holding a basketball as the logo. References NBA2K DC Hedgehogsteam.png
Neko Dai Suki! 1996-07-19 Sega Game Gear Sonic appears as a poster in one room.
References NekoDaiSuki GG Sonicposter.png
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Iron Maiden 1997-07-11 Windows PC Sonic appears on a mug in one of the game's settings.
References NeonGenesisEvangelionIronMaiden PC Sonicmug.png
NHL 2K 2000-02-09 Sega Dreamcast Sonic appears on the Jumbotron occasionally.
NiGHTS into Dreams 1996-07-05 Sega Saturn All of the default high scores are set by Sonic characters, with Tails being listed as "Miles" in every region.
NiGHTS Saturn DreamData SpringValley.png
Ninjala 2020 Nintendo Switch From September 23 to October 21, 2020, a Ninjala x Sonic Collab took place in which various items including costumes, stickers and Gum Utsusemi based on Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Dr. Eggman were available to purchase from the in-game cosmetics shop.[11] Ninjala Switch SonicCollab.png
Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - The Official Video Game 2019-07-24 PlayStation 4 A performer wearing a Sonic the Hedgehog sports-mascot costume is prominently featured in many parts of the game.[9] Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - The Official Video Game PS4 title.png
Omakase! Savers 1996-02-23 Sega Saturn Sonic and Tails plushies appear in the game's opening FMV sequence. References OmakaseSavers SAT SonicTailsplushie.png
OutRun 2 SP 2004-12-21 Arcade, PC, PS2, Xbox, PSP Sonic billboards and statue appear in the Casino Town course. OutRun2SP PC CasinoTown1.jpg
OutRun2SP PC CasinoTown2.jpg
OutRunners 1993-05 Arcade, Sega Mega Drive In the intro Sonic and Tails fly in two versions of their biplane, the Tornado, and sprinkle the Sega logo. In the game, Sonic billboards appear at the side of the track. In the Japanese Mega Drive version they also appear on the Sega logo (the American publishers, Data East, removed it from their release). References Outrunners ARC Sonicbillboard.png
Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium 1993-12-17 Sega Mega Drive In the town of Krup, there is a book in Saya's school called "Run, Hedgehog, Run!".[12] References PhantasyStarIV MD Runhedgehogrun.jpg
Phantasy Star Online 2000-12-21 Sega Dreamcast Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails have cameoed online numerous times. References PhantasyStarOnline DC Sonic Tails Knuckles.jpg
Phantasy Star Universe 2006-08-31 PC, PS2, Xbox 360 Lobbies are decorated with Sonic statues and rings on Sonic's birthday (23rd June). References PhantasyStarUniverse PC Sonic Tails.jpg
Pizza Tower 2023-01-26 Windows PC The 2023 indie PC game Pizza Tower is littered with numerous homages to pop culture, video games included. The protagonist Peppino (as can his uncanny clone Fake Peppino) can perform a taunt move which pays homage to Sonic's circular pose on the cover of Sonic Adventure. Additionally, the music track "Pumpin' Hot Stuff" uses a number of musical motifs inspired by Sonic CD's soundtrack, such as the repeating siren sample which begins "Stardust Speedway 'B' Mix" and the construction of melodies using orchestra hits from "Metallic Madness 'G' Mix", and the track "Move It, Boy" is composed almost entirely around the original "work that sucker to death" sample featured in "Boss!!!"

Most well known, however, is the character Snick. A demo released during SAGE 2019 introduced a character called Snick the Porcupine, a parody of Sonic who runs his own version of SAGE that Peppino accidentally attends instead of the real SAGE. Completing all three of the levels in the demo will unlock the Snick Challenge, where Peppino must get through all three levels under a 10-minute time limit while being chased by Snick.exe, and completing it will unlock Snick as a playable character. Snick is shorter than Peppino and can achieve mach speeds without holding the dash button (the dash button instead lets him do a Super Peel Out), however he will lose all his points when hit (akin to losing Rings) and dies when hit with 0 points.

Originally intended for the SAGE 2019 demo, Snick made cameos in later demos, such as dressing up as a ghost in the Noise's Hardoween demo and appearing during the Noise's boss fight in the Peppino's Xmas Break demo. In the final game, one of Gustavo's taunts has Brick the Rat become Snick, a missing persons poster for Snick can be found in the Slum, and Snick himself can be found in a secret room in Staff Only wearing his ghost costume.

References PizzaTower PC sprite SonicAdventurepose.gif
PizzaTowerSAGE2019 PC Snick.png
PizzaTower PC SnickCameo.png
Popful Mail 1994-04-01 Sega Mega-CD The main character Mail examines a notice board in the game, which has a small drawing of Sonic pinned to it. References PopfulMail MCD Sonicwantedboard.png
Premier Manager 1995-11 Sega Mega Drive Chaotix logos are available for decoration of the stadium. References PremierManager MD Chaotixadvert.png
Premier Manager 97 1996-10-31 Sega Mega Drive Sonic & Knuckles logos are available for decoration of the stadium. References PremierManager97 MD S&Kadvert.png
Pro Yakyuu GG League '94 1994-09-30 Sega Game Gear Sonic appears on a billboard.
ProYakyuuGGLeague94 title.png
Pro Yakyuu Greatest Nine 98 1998-03-26 Sega Saturn Sonic R is advertised in the Tokyo Dome stadium.
Pro Yakyuu Super League '91 1991-08-30 Sega Mega Drive Sonic's name appears on billboards above the stadium. References ProYakyuuSuperLeague91 MD Sonicsigns.png
Pro Yakyuu Super League CD 1992-10-30 Sega Mega-CD Sonic appears on the loading screens as well as on the field of one of the selectable ballparks. References ProYakyuuSuperLeagueCD MCD loading.png

References ProYakyuuSuperLeagueCD MCD field.png

Puyo Puyo! 2006-12-14 PlayStation 2, Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP The player can unlock "Sonic-style Puyo" which resemble the heads of various Sonic characters. References PuyoPuyo15thAnniversary DS SonicPuyo.jpg
Puyo Puyo Tetris 2014-02-06 PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, 3DS, Wii U, Switch, PC The player can unlock "Sonic-style" Puyos and Tetriminos which resemble the heads of various Sonic characters. References PuyoPuyoTetris PC Sonic.jpg
Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 2020-12-08 PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PC As of version 1.1.0, Sonic is a playable character, with Jun'ichi Kanemaru and Roger Craig Smith reprising their roles for Japanese and English respectively. Avatars based on various Sonic characters, Sonic-themed items for Skill Battle, and Tropical Resort Act 1's music track are also included. References PuyoPuyoTetris2 PC Sonic.jpeg
Quik the Thunder Rabbit 1994 Amiga, Amiga CD32 In the introductory cutscene, a tiny blue hedgehog is slowly making his way across a desert road before Quik zooms around the corner, causing the rodent to scurry away and leap off a nearby cliff.[3] References QuiktheThunderRabbit CD32 bluehedgehog.gif
R-Tuned: Ultimate Street Racing 2008-05-20 Arcade The cars in the game can be customized, with some featuring a Sonic the Hedgehog-themed paint job. References RTunedUltimateStreetRacing ARC Soniccar.png
Rad Mobile 1991-02 Arcade A cute Sonic the Hedgehog air freshener hangs from the car's rear-view mirror during gameplay. Notably, this is Sonic's first appearance in a game, predating even the first title of his own series.[13] References RadMobile ARC Sonic.png
Ratchet & Clank 2016-04-12 PlayStation 4 One of the unlockables in the game lets you change the bolts, which is the collectable currency in the game, into currency from other games. One of which being rings (called "Adorable Toruses" in the game). References RatchetClank2016 PS4 AdorableToruses Rings.png
Reset Generation 2005-07-25 Windows, N-Gage 2.0 Reset Generation stars a parody of Sonic the Hedgehog. References ResetGeneration NGage2 Sonicparody.png
Retro City Rampage 2012-10-09 PC One of the game's primary antagonists is named Dr. Von Buttnick (an homage to Dr. Ivo Robotnik), and players can acquire power-ups in the form of "speed shoes" that unlock a quick dash tackle ability (described as being from "the Green Hills".) Additionally, every area in Theftropolis ends in the word "Zone".[3] References RetroCityRampage PC DrVonButtnik.jpg
Samba de Amigo 2008-09-23 Wii Sonic appears in his own themed stage based on Green Hill Zone, and dances with Amigo. References SambadeAmigo Wii GHZ.jpg
Samba de Amigo: Party Central 2023-06 Nintendo Switch Sonic appears in his own themed stage based on City Escape, and dances with Amigo to "Escape from the City" and "Fist Bump". Samba de Amigo Party Central Escape The City.png
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game 2010 PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 There is a powerup in the form of a game called "Speedy the Porcupine". By entering the level select cheat from Sonic 3, enemies will explode into a flurry of woodland creatures when defeated.[3] A later release parodies the cover of Sonic Adventure. ScottPilgrim SpeedyThePorcupine.PNG

References VideoGames ScottPilgrim SonicAdventure.png
Scud Race 1996-12 Arcade Sonic and Tails appear on a billboard in the Beginner (Day) track, and Sonic appears on smaller signs throughout the game. In the Xbox port of OutRun 2 (which features the tracks of Scud Race), this billboard has been replaced with a generic Sega logo, but is still present in the Dreamcast development kit track models. References ScudRace ARC Sonic Tails.png
Secret of Mana 1993-08-06 Super Famicom The game features enemies called Pebblers - blue-quilled hedgehogs with red feet who attack by curling into balls. References SecretofMana SFC Pebbler.png
Sega Bass Fishing 1997-11 Arcade, Dreamcast, PC, Wii After a few courses you receive a Sonic lure. References SegaBassFishing DC Soniclure.jpg
Sega Channel 1994-05 Sega Mega Drive Sonic appears in the intro when booting up the Sega Channel Adaptor. SegaChannel MD Intro.png
Sega Game Pack 4 in 1 1992-12 Sega Game Gear Sonic is the umpire in the tennis game.
References SegaGamePack4in1 GG Tennis Sonicumpire.png
Sega Rally Revo 2007-09-27 Windows PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 The third livery for the Citroën C2 Super 1600 is themed on Sonic the Hedgehog, while the third livery for Toyota Celica VVTi is themed on Shadow the Hedgehog. Each are unlocked by driving their respective cars 50 miles (32km). References SegaRallyRevo PC Shadowcar.jpg
Sega Saturn de Hakken!! Tamagotchi Park 1998-01-29 Sega Saturn If a certain Tamagotchi is raised just right it grows up into the super secret "Sonictchi".
References SegaSaturndeHakkenTamagotchiPark SAT Sonictchi.png
Sega Ski Super G 1996-12 Arcade A Sonic statues appears in the background of the first track. References SegaSkiSuperG ARC Sonicstatue.png
Sega Splash! Golf 2008-04-23 PC Sonic and Tails are caddies in a course based on Green Hill Zone. References SegaSplashGolf PC Sonic.jpg
Sega Superstars 2004-10-22 PlayStation 2 One of the 12 games is based upon a Sonic Heroes-style Special Stage. References SegaSuperstars PS2 SonicHeroes.jpg
Sega Superstars Tennis 2008-03-18 PS2, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii Sonic, Tails, Amy, Shadow and Eggman are playable characters. References SegaSuperstarsTennis 360 Sonic.jpg
Segagaga 2001-05-31 Sega Dreamcast Sonic appears in the intro FMV. References Segagaga DC Sonicintro.jpg
Shenmue 1999-12-29 Sega Dreamcast Sonic the Fighters character figurines are available. References Shenmue DC Sonicgachapon.png
Shenmue II 2001-09-06 Sega Dreamcast Same as Shenmue. References ShenmueII DC Sonicgachapon.jpg
Shining Force II 1993-10-01 Sega Mega Drive There is a secret battle after the ending credits on a playfield shaped like Sonic, from the Sonic Software Planning logo.
References ShiningForceII MD Sonicmap.png
The Simpsons Game 2007-10-30 PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360, Wii, DS Sonic appears in the "Enter the Cheatrix" level as a washed-up has-been, spouting funny lines such as "I miss the 90's, everybody loved me then". He also appears at the end, escaping the video game world with the Simpsons. Mario-and-Sonic-in-the-Simpsons.png
Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin 1993-09 Sega Mega-CD In the game's ending, a carving of Sonic's head can be spotted on a cave in the background. References SpiderManvsTheKingpin MegaCD Sonic.png
Spikeout 1998-09 Arcade In one of the game's stages, a large statue of Sonic the Hedgehog appears near an elevator (a lower-poly model of his Sonic Jam render)[14], and is featured alongside artwork of a previously-unused Sonic Adventure design concept[15][16] - notably depicting Sonic in a style roughly halfway between his classic and modern designs.[17] References Spikeout ARC Sonicstatue.jpg
Spikeout: Battle Street 2005-03-24 Xbox The same Sonic the Hedgehog statue appears in Spikeout's expanded Xbox port, this time replacing with a new model sporting his modern design.[14] References SpikeoutBattleStreet Xbox Sonicstatue.png
Spiral Knights 2011-06-14 PC A Metal Sonic costume was given to those who purchased Sonic CD on Steam before January 31, 2012, and later became available for purchase. Tails' tails also appeared as a wearable accessory. Spiral Knights promotional.png
Sports Talk Baseball 1992-05 Mega Drive Sonic appears on the stadium's bigscreen.[2] References SportsTalkBaseball MD Sonicbigscreen.png
Spyro: Year of the Dragon 2000-10-10 PlayStation If you decline Moneybags' offer in the Crystal Islands level, he will threaten to "turn you into a blue hedgehog or something." Spyro sonic 2.jpg
Stack Columns 1994-05 Arcade The background for the Las Vegas tournaments depicts a "SegaSonicS" casino, with a statue of Sonic the Hedgehog standing above one of its entrances. References StackColumns ARC SegaSonicS casino.png
Super Mario Maker 2015-09-10 Wii U Using the Sonic amiibo will spawn a Mystery Mushroom that turns Mario into Sonic. Sonic in Super Mario Maker.jpg
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD 2019-10-28 PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC Classic Sonic can be unlocked as a playable character. References SuperMonkeyBallBananaBlitzHD PC Sonic.jpeg
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania 2021-10-05 PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC Both Sonic and Tails can be unlocked as playable characters. References SuperMonkeyBallBananaMania Sonic Tails.png
Super Smash Bros. Brawl 2008-01-31 Wii Sonic is a playable character. SSBB Character Select.png
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Super Smash Bros. for Wii U 2014-09-13 3DS, Wii U Sonic is a playable character. SuperSmashBros3DS 3DS CharacterSelectScreen.png
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 2018-12-07 Nintendo Switch Sonic is a playable character. SuperSmashBrosUltimate Switch CharacterSelectScreen.png
Taiko no Tatsujin 2008 iOS Sonic, Dr. Eggman, and other franchise characters appear in the game's iOS port. References TaikonoTatsujin iOS Sonic.png
Tiny Toon Adventures 1991-12-20 NES Stage 3 of Tiny Toon Adventures features a Sonic-like hedgehog enemy which defends itself by performing a spin attack.[3] References TinyToonAdventures FC hedgehogenemy.png
Tom and Jerry: The Movie 1992-10-01 Sega Game Gear, Sega Master System An ad for Sonic appears on the windows of a bookstore in one level. In the Master System version, posters of both Sonic and Opa-Opa adorn a few walls in the third level.
References TomandJerryTheMovie GG Sonicposter.png
Torarete Tamaruka!? 1994-06-03 Game Gear An in-game store features Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Eggman plushies, alongside boxed Japanese Mega Drive systems. References TorareteTamaruka GG MegaDrive Sonic.jpeg
Toy Commander 1999-10-21 Sega Dreamcast Sonic appears on a calendar on the floor in some stages. References ToyCommander DC Soniccalendar.jpg
Toy Fighter 1999-09 NAOMI Sonic appears as a plush in the child's playroom between fights. Toyfightsoniccameo1.png
Two Point Hospital 2018-08-29 PC Arcade Machine objects sport SEGA logos on their sides, display a loop of the Flying Battery Zone on their screens, and play Sonic sound effects and music when used. Patients afflicted with the "8-Bitten" condition express boredom with a leaning-forward foot tap and shake of a finger. References TwoPointHospital PC Sonic.jpeg
Ultimate Soccer 1993-09 Sega Mega Drive Sonic is seen at the Sega logo, plus the menus. UltimateSoccer title.png
Uniracers 1994-12 Super Famicom If players attempt to enter their name as either "SONIC" or "SEGA", an error appears stating the name is "NOT COOL ENOUGH". Uniracers SNES Sonicnotcoolenough.png
Virtua Cop 3 2003-02-18 Arcade Sonic appears on the tutorial screen. References VirtuaCop3 ARC Sonic.jpeg
Virtua Fighter 2 1994-11 Arcade, Sega Saturn, PC When Jacky Bryant and Sarah Bryant fight, a hidden stage called Chicago is chosen. There's a brick wall in the background with graffiti, including a doodle of Sonic.
VirtuaFighter2 Model2 SonicCameo.png
Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution 2002 Arcade, PlayStation 2 Quest mode includes a "Sonic Cup" tournament, with a logo of Sonic with some rings. Additionally, a shot of Sega World Papillon Plaza appears. Sega World Papillon Plaza Outside Virtua Fighter 4 1.jpg
Virtua Fighter 5 2005-11-26 Arcade, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 In Quest Mode, various locations based on actual Sega venues (like SegaWorld or Club Sega) can be visited, with most venues decorated with images of Sonic the Hedgehog. References VirtuaFighter5 PS3 SegaArena Sonic.png
Virtua Fighter Kids 1996-03 Arcade, Sega Saturn Same as Virtua Fighter 2. References VirtuaFighterKids SAT JP Sonicgraffiti.png
Virtua Racing Deluxe 1994-11-21 32X Driving around the Sand Park track in reverse reveals a sign with "KNUCKLES" written on it. VirtuaRacingDeluxe 32X Knuckles.png
Virtua Striker 1995-05 Arcade The game's match ball, designed after the Adidas Questra (the 1994 FIFA World Cup ball), has Sonic drawn into its black triskelions. References VirtuaStriker ARC Sonicball.png
Virtua Striker 2 1997-06 Arcade There is a hidden MVP Yuki Chan team, which includes Bean the Dynamite from Sonic the Fighters. References VirtuaStriker2 ARC Bean.png
Virtua Striker 3 2001-04 Arcade, Sega Dreamcast A hidden team has Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Dr. Eggman, and a Chao as players, with Yuji Naka as the coach. Virtua Striker 3.jpg
Virtua Quest 2004-08-26 Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2 A Sonic statue appears in the Twin Axis server. References VirtuaQuest GC Sonicstatue.png
Virtua Tennis 4 2011-04-29 PC, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, Xbox 360 You can unlock a tennis racket in the shape of Sonic's head. References VirtuaTennis4 PC SonicRacket.jpg
Wacky Worlds 1994-11 Sega Mega Drive Sonic and Tails are on the game's cover, Sonic is in a spaceship and is your cursor to select a world to play in, and Tails is a stamp in the jungle area. WWorlds 3.png
Wally wo Sagase! 1992-06 Arcade The game features a portrait of Sonic the Hedgehog. References WallywoSagase MD Sonic.png
WaveRunner 1996-10 Arcade Sonic appears on the back of a racer's lifejacket. References WaveRunner ARC Sonic.png
Wimbledon Championship Tennis 1993-10 Mega Drive One of the game's courts features advertisements for Sega and Sonic the Hedgehog. References WimbledonChampionshipTennis MD Sonic.jpeg
Yakuza 0 2015-03-12 PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One The upgrades which increase character run speeds are called "Gotta Go Fast". References Yakuza0 PC GottaGoFast.jpeg
Yakuza 4 2010-03-18 PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One Sonic, Cream and Cheese appear on a SEGA Changer machine in Club SEGA. Also, Un-gravitify is used as background music in certain buildings. References Yakuza4 PS3 SegaChanger Sonic.png
Yakuza 5 2012-12-06 PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One The same SEGA Changer machine from Yakuza 4 with Sonic artwork appears in Club SEGA. Also, A New Venture is used as background music in various M-Stores. References Yakuza5 PS3 SegaChanger Sonic.png
Yakuza 6: The Song of Life 2016-12-08 PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One Dreams of an Absolution is used as background music in certain buildings.
Yakuza Kiwami 2016-01-21 PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC Sonic, Cream and Cheese appear on a Sega Changer machine in Club Sega, along with other minor appearances from Sonic on various signage. References YakuzaKiwami PS4 ClubSega SegaChanger.png
Yoshi's Woolly World / Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World 2015-06-25 Wii U, 3DS Tapping a Sonic amiibo will unlock a Sonic design for Yoshi. Yoshiwoollyworldsonicamiibo.png
Zool 1992-10 Amiga The ending of the original Amiga version of Zool has the eponymous character kicking away a tiny blue hedgehog wearing red shoes. Additionally, one of the game's music tracks is titled "Sonic Basher".[3] References Zool AmigaAGA bluehedgehog.png

Hidden and deleted references

Game Release date System Description Screenshot
Mega Turrican 1994-03 Sega Mega Drive Sonic and Mario are in the VRAM tiles of the first stage, but never used in actual game. However, they are used and visible in one of the game's prototypes. MegaTurrican MD Sprite MarioSonic.png
Streets of Rage 3 1994-03-18 Sega Mega Drive Sonic appears on a billboard in one of the unused motorbike levels in the Japanese version of the game. StreetsOfRage3 MD SonicSign.png
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island 1995-08-05 Super Famicom While the final game's Harry Hedgehog enemies eschew any meaningful references to Sonic the Hedgehog (including not curling into a ball), development scratchpads reveal an early hedgehog enemy did in fact curl into a spiny ball as an attack. References SuperMarioWorld2YoshisIsland SFC HarryHedgehogspin.gif
Daytona USA 2: Battle on the Edge 1998-05 Arcade A hidden texture loaded when booting up the game displays a photograph of an unknown Sega developer alongside a crude doodle of Sonic the Hedgehog, the name "Sega Uniparsal Studios" (an Engrish misspelling of "Universal Studios"), and Japanese text saying "Coming Soon" - a reference to the GameWorks chain of arcade-restaurants established by Sega and Universal Studios. This texture was removed in the game's later update, Daytona USA 2: Power Edition.[18] References DaytonaUSA2 ARC Games UniparsalStudios.png
Pocket Monsters Gold / Pocket Monsters Silver 1999-11-21 Game Boy Color In leaked development scratchpads for the second generation of Pokémon designs, the Pokémon Sneasel appears with an alternate design which features a distinctly Sonic-like head. References PokemonGS GBC Sneasel Sonic.png
Need for Speed: ProStreet 2007-10-31 Xbox 360 An unused vinyl decal (located at ID 0xE6240FE8 in "VINYLS.BIN") features a neon-green Chao. References NFS PS Vinyl E6240FE8.svg
Pizza Tower 2023-01-26 Windows PC Alongside the bevy of Sonic the Hedgehog references which appear in the released version of Pizza Tower, the character Snick was once imagined to have a gang of close friends during development. Included are Tail (Tails), Boots (Knuckles), Shadow Snick (Shadow), Dr. Bad Breakfast (Dr. Eggman), and three unnamed representations of Amy, Metal Sonic, and the meme creepypasta Sonic.exe. References PizzaTower PC Snick gang mockup.png