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Sonic's Schoolhouse
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Publisher: Sega
System(s): Windows
Genre: Educational game
Release Date RRP Code Rating
Windows PC
1996-10-18[1] $34.99[1] 85047 Early Childhood
Windows PC
(Expert Software)
1997-09[2] $19.99[2] ? Early Childhood

Sonic's Schoolhouse is an educational computer game that teaches young learners mathematics, reading, and spelling. In addition, players can earn access to two mini-games (a collect-the-rings game and a match-the-statues game) and a "field trip" section which gives them numerous facts on the various animals in the game.

The entire game plays in a similar fashion to id Software's Wolfenstein 3D, in that you play in a world that has no variation in height and is largely composed of right angles. You pick up nearby answers (ranging from bouncing letters and numbers to balloons with various pictures on them) to shoot back at a blackboard so as to answer it (usually filling in the blank; in the reading section you match up pictures with their words instead), or otherwise recycle (much to Sonic's pleasure).

Sonic the Hedgehog himself is not playable, but acts as the guide; instead, you choose from numerous animals as to what you want to play as. Doctor Eggman and his robots also show up to steal your answer, or in the ring mini-game, to steal all your rings.

The sprites used for Sonic come from the canceled Sonic X-Treme.

Cheat Codes


  • Reward certificate: Collect all the mini-game gumballs in the playground.
  • Field Trip Bus/Schoolyard: Complete one of the educational sections. (Reading, Math, etc.).


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Production credits

  • Concept: Bruce Austin
  • Producers: Brad Krevoy, Steve Stabler, Jed Weintrob, Britton Jackson, Bruce Austin
  • Associate Producer: Jonathan Harris, Madhavi Rangachar
  • Designers: Bruce Austin, Britton Jackson, Jim O'Keane, Jed Weintrob
  • Programmers: Jim O'Keane, Jack Bowman
  • Graphic Artists: Jeremy Buttell, Mike Malloy
  • Additional Programming: Eric Hayashi
  • Video Design: Kurt Tiegs
  • Sound Design: Robert Francke
  • Voices: Meg Inglima

Physical scans

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Schoolhouse pc us spinecard.jpgSonicsSchoolhouse PC US manual.pdf
Jewel Case
PC, US (Expert Software)
SonicsSchoolhouse PC US Box Front Expert.jpg
SonicsSchoolhouse PC US Expert manual.pdf


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