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Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Country: United States
Distributor(s): Paramount Pictures
Language: English
Release Date RRP Code Rating
2022-04-08 ¥? ?
2022-04-08[1] $? ?
2022-04-01 £? ?
BBFC: Parental Guidance (PG)
2022-03-31[2] $? ?
2022-04-06 ₩? ?
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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is a live-action film featuring the titular character, and the sequel to the 2020 Sonic the Hedgehog film. The film and its release date was announced on February 10, 2021[1]. Ben Schwartz and Jim Carrey reprised their roles as Sonic and Dr. Robotnik, respectively. The film also features Tails played by Colleen O'Shaughnessey, reprising her role from the video game series and the Sonic Boom series. It is also the live-action debut appearance of Knuckles the Echidna, played by Idris Elba, initially as a secondary antagonist. Returning actors from the first film include James Marsden, Tika Sumpter, Adam Pally, and Lee Majdoub.

A sequel titled Sonic the Hedgehog 3 will be released in 2024 as well as a spin-off series featuring Knuckles the Echidna.


On the Mushroom Planet, Dr. Robotnik finishes building a device that's powered by the quill he took from Sonic. He activates his machine, made from the parts of his broken Eggpod, and it sends a signal into space that catches the attention of Knuckles the Echidna along with the scavengers working for him. Robotnik takes out the three scavengers using traps he planted across the area before he sees Knuckles step out of the ring portal. The doctor realizes that he and the red echidna actually have the same goal, taking down Sonic the Hedgehog. On Earth, Sonic is trying to start a superhero career as "blue justice", but it hasn't been working out too well for him so far. During the day, he is barely able to stay awake while on his fishing trip with Tom Wachowski. He even fell off of the boat and needed Tom's help to get back on as Sonic never learned how to swim. At home Sonic soon got the house to himself as Tom and Maddie left through a ring portal to go to Rachel's wedding in Hawaii. While having a party by himself, Sonic was attacked by Knuckles and the returning Robotnik. Sonic thinks they are here to try and take his power again, but Knuckles quickly proves he has no need of it. He is far more skilled than Sonic is at combat as he was trained by his echidna tribe. Sonic is only saved by Tails who traveled to Earth to find him. Tails hijacked a car and took Sonic on the road with him to get him away from Knuckles. He explains to Sonic that Knuckles was looking for him to use as the key to find the Master Emerald, which Sonic believed was only a bedtime story.

At the end of the road, Sonic and Tails had to get out of the car and the fox had to carry the hedgehog to safety by flying with his two tails. Robotnik meanwhile discusses with Knuckles the "ultimate power" he mentioned during the battle. Eggman realizes that he can use Knuckles to get the power for himself then use it to bring to life his wildest designs and extend his genius across the galaxy. He calls Agent Stone, who now runs a coffee shop called the "Mean Bean". Stone sent Robotnik the Egg Mobile, which was kept in the stars on a satellite.

Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails hide out in Wade Whipple's house where they wonder about how Sonic is connected to the Master Emerald. The hedgehog then realizes there was an Emerald on his map Longclaw gave him. Touching it causes the map to start glowing and they see a holographic message Longclaw recorded for him. She explains that she sent Sonic to Earth as it was the location of the Emerald. It is an object with the power to turn thoughts into reality. Protecting the Emerald was Longclaw's duty, and now she has to pass it onto Sonic. The map tells them to travel to Siberia to find the first clue to the Emerald. Sonic and Tails travel there via a ring portal and get into a dance off in a bar. Knuckles and Robotnik managed to track them down using Sonic's cell phone signal.

Once they entered the temple the map led them to, they found a story written on the walls. It tells them that ages ago, there was a fearsome group of echidna warriors who combined together the seven Chaos Emeralds into the Master Emerald. The echidnas used the Master Emerald to defeat armies in front of them. The owls fought the echidnas for control of the Master Emerald as they believed no one should have such power. Once they finished reading, they found the compass that would lead them to the Master Emerald. Unfortunately, Eggman and Knuckles make their entrance with a lot of robot drones. Sonic grabs the armor plating of a drone to use as a snowboard and heads off of the ice caps. While defending himself from the drones and Knuckles, Sonic drops all his rings. He calls Tom to send him an exit portal to get out of there with Tails.

In Hawaii, the Wachowski family finds out the wedding was all a setup by Commander Walters, who is now the head of a new organization called the Guardian Units of Nations or G.U.N., which was formed to capture alien threats to Earth. Using Tails' backpack full of gadgets, the Wachowskis were able to save Sonic and Tails from their captivity. Knuckles and Robotnik then use the compass they took to unveil the hidden labyrinth the Master Emerald was in. Sonic and Knuckles duke it out in the labyrinth, while Eggman double crosses Knuckles by taking the Master Emerald. The doctor teleports back to the Mean Bean now wearing green to Stone's surprise. G.U.N. is outside of the coffee shop with lots of armaments pointed at the building. Robotnik uses the power of chaos to use the technology in the area to build himself a giant mech suit. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles now have to work together to get the Master Emerald away from him. The red echidna punches the Emerald out of Robotnik but that doesn't stop the mad doctor. The Master Emerald shatters in Sonic's hands, but the seven Chaos Emeralds are still full of power. Enriched by Sonic's heart, the seven Emeralds transform him into the golden Super Sonic. Now Sonic uses his new power to destroy Eggman's mech and eat victory chili dogs. Robotnik is presumed dead and the three heroes become friends. Sonic transforms back into his normal form and the Chaos Emeralds scatter. Once Knuckles restored the Master Emerald, they went to play a baseball game together and eat ice cream.

Meanwhile, G.U.N. investigates the wreckage of the robot, unable to find remnants of Robotnik. Unbeknownst to them, Stone is listening in, disguised in a G.U.N. uniform. Commander Walters is then told about something else. When wiping Robotnik off of their database they found a file from fifty years ago containing coordinates. They led to a secret research facility, containing a black hedgehog hidden away. The G.U.N. Commander realizes this must be Project Shadow.

Cast list

Character Actor
Sonic the Hedgehog Ben Schwartz
Miles "Tails" Prower Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Knuckles the Echidna Idris Elba
Dr. Robotnik Jim Carrey
Tom Wachowski James Marsden
Maddie Wachowski Tika Sumpter
Wade Whipple Adam Pally
Agent Stone Lee Majdoub
Rachel Natasha Rothwell
Randall Handel Shemar Moore
Longclaw Donna Jay Fulks
Commander Walters Tom Butler

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