References to Sonic in sports

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The following is a list of references to Sonic in sports.

Automobile racing

Event Date Description Images
1993 Formula One World Championship 1993 In response to Sega's sponsorship of the Williams F1 racing team, rival team McLaren adorned their driver Ayrton Senna's vehicle with a symbol of a hedgehog who has been run over by a tire.[1] References McLaren Sports roadkillhedgehog.png

Professional wrestling

Event Date Description Images
WWE SmackDown (European tour) 2010-xx-xx During an untelevised match, professional wrestler CM Punk performed while wearing a Sonic the Hedgehog T-shirt.[2] References WWESmackDown CMPunk Wrestling Sonicshirt.jpeg
WCPW Stacked - Title Match 2016-xx-xx Scottish wrestler Joe Hendry (whose gimmick is that his entrance themes parody popular music, but with altered lyrics directed at his opponents), entered the arena to his own version of the Sonic Adventure 2 song Escape from the City, while a video was shown featuring the faces of Hendry and his opponents inserted into Sonic Adventure 2.[3] References WCPWStacked JoeHendry Sports SonicAdventure2.png