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SCHG: Sonic Adventure
2004 PC
2010 PC


In the Dreamcast version, these files are packed inside the SONICADV\EVENT_ADX_US.AFS file.
In the GameCube version, these files are packed inside the EVENT_ADX_E.AFS file.
In the PC version, English voice files are located in the folder SYSTEM\SOUNDDATA\VOICE_US\WMA.

Sonic Adventure/Sound Editing/Voices/7
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File (.wma) File (.adx) Character Contents Notes
1800 se_mv_advertize Tails "Here I come; Sonic!"
1801 se_mv_cartgoal Tails "Whoo!"
1802 se_mv_cartjump Tails "Allright!"
1803 se_mv_clear Tails "Yeeaah!"
1804 se_mv_clearbad Tails "Phew! I made it in time!"
1805 se_mv_clearbest Tails "I did it; Sonic!"
1806 se_mv_clearboss Tails "Alright; I did it!"
1807 se_mv_cleargood Tails "That wasn't too bad."
1808 se_mv_damagecaptured Tails "Hey!!"
1809 se_mv_dead Tails "Sonic..."
1810 se_mv_falldead Tails "Wah!"
1811 se_mv_itemget0 Tails "Alright!"
1812 se_mv_itemget1 Tails "Cool."
1813 se_mv_noairdead Tails *coughs*
1814 se_mv_oh Tails "Augh!"
1815 se_mv_snow_0 Tails "Yay!"
1816 se_mv_snow_1 Tails "Hah!"
1817 se_mv_snow_2 Tails "Hah!"
1818 se_mv_taihou0 Tails "Aahh!"
1819 se_mv_taihou1 Tails "Oouhh!"
1820 se_mv_tired Tails *tires out*
1821 se_mv_tirelimit0 Tails *tires out*
1822 se_mv_tirelimit1 Tails *tires out*
1823 se_sv_adrib00 Sonic "You made it!"
1824 se_sv_adrib01 Sonic "You got it!"
1825 se_sv_adrib02 Sonic "I made it!"
1826 se_sv_adrib03 Sonic "I got it!"
1827 se_sv_adrib04 Sonic "Good going!"
1828 se_sv_adrib05 Sonic "Hey; hey; hey!"
1829 se_sv_adrib06 Sonic "Come on!"
1830 se_sv_adrib07 Sonic "I win!"
1831 se_sv_adrib08 Sonic "Let's get going!"
1832 se_sv_adrib09 Sonic "Hang in there!"
1833 se_sv_adrib10 Sonic "Wait; wait; wait!"
1834 se_sv_adrib11 Sonic "Hold it!"
1835 se_sv_adrib12 Sonic "Hurray!"
1836 se_sv_adrib13 Sonic "Okey-dokey!"
1837 se_sv_advertize Sonic "Let's get 'em!"
1838 se_sv_cartgoal Sonic "Yes!"
1839 se_sv_cartjump Sonic "Woohoo!"
1840 se_sv_clear Sonic "Yes."
1841 se_sv_clearbad Sonic "Hey; pump it up!"
1842 se_sv_clearbest Sonic "*whistles* Sweet!"
1843 se_sv_clearboss Sonic "Hey; I'll play with you some other time!"
1844 se_sv_cleargood Sonic "Yeah; not bad!"
1845 se_sv_damagecaptured Sonic "Hey; let go!"
1846 se_sv_damageflame1 Sonic "Ah!"
1847 se_sv_dead Sonic "No!"
1848 se_sv_falldead Sonic "No!!"
1849 se_sv_itemget0 Sonic "Yes!"
1850 se_sv_itemget1 Sonic "Here we go!"
1851 se_sv_noairdead Sonic *struggles*
1852 se_sv_snow3 Sonic "Yeah!"
1853 se_sv_snow4 Sonic "Oh-kay!"
1854 se_sv_taihou0 Sonic "Wwhoa!"
1855 se_sv_taihou1 Sonic "Whoa!"
1856 sh_01_tk Tikal "Grab onto the helicopter. You should be able to go on further. Beware; the propellers are dangerous. Be careful!"
1857 sh_02_tk Tikal "Watch out for the cars!"
1858 sh_03_tk Tikal "There are plenty of enemies on the ground. Try and take the higher route."
1859 sh_04_tk Tikal "The tanks on the building tops can be broken if you punch them."
1860 sh_05_tk Tikal "Emeralds can be found in items broken by a punch."
1861 sh_06_tk Tikal "Watch out for the helicopter propellers."
1862 sh_07_tk Tikal "Keep your eyes on the radar to find the pieces of the Emerald."
1863 sh_08_tk Tikal "Emeralds can even be found inside enemy characters."
1864 snccll1 Chant (JP) "So-ni-ku! So-ni-ku! So-ni-ku! So-ni-ku! So-ni-ku!" Sonic chant in Last Story cutscene.
1865 ss_b_01_tk Tikal "Now you've got Lightspeed Shoes! Press and hold the action button to store up power. Once you have enough power; release the button and you can do the Lightspeed Dash. The Lightspeed Dash lets you race towards rings at Lightspeed! As long as there's a trail of rings; you can go just about anywhere."
1866 ss_b_02_tk Tikal "Look; it's your Jet Anklet! Its jet power makes you fly faster."
1867 ss_b_03_tk Tikal "This is the Crystal Ring. This reduces the time needed to store power for the Lightspeed Dash."
1868 ss_b_04_tk Tikal "The Egg Carrier has crashed and is floating somewhere in the ocean. Use this boat to get to it."
1869 ss_b_05_tk Tikal "Go to the station to catch the train."
1870 ss_b_06_tk Tikal "Go to the Mystic Ruins. You might find something."
1871 ss_b_07_tk Tikal "Go to the Egg Carrier crash site. You might find something."
1872 ss_b_08_tk Tikal "Get to the beach by going through the hotel."
1873 ss_b_09_tk Tikal "A long-tailed frog was seen heading toward the beach."
1874 ss_b_10_tk Tikal "Ahead you'll find the capsules in which Robotnik has locked the animals."
1875 ss_b_11_tk Tikal "Save the animals."
1876 t_big_1_bi Big "Okay! One more time!"
1877 t_big_2_bi Big "Almost got it! Okay; once more."
1878 t_chao_01_sn Sonic "C'mon!"
1879 t_chao_02_sn Sonic "Hurry up!"
1880 t_chao_03_sn Sonic "This way!"
1881 t_chao_04_sn Sonic "Check!"
1882 t_chao_05_tl Tails "C'mon!"
1883 t_chao_06_tl Tails "This way!"
1884 t_chao_07_tl Tails "Check!"
1885 t_chao_08_kn Knuckles "Run!"
1886 t_chao_09_kn Knuckles "Hurry!"
1887 t_chao_10_kn Knuckles "This way!"
1888 t_chao_11_kn Knuckles "Check!"
1889 t_chao_12_am Amy "Come on!"
1890 t_chao_13_am Amy "Go!"
1891 t_chao_14_am Amy "Hurry; hurry!"
1892 t_chao_15_am Amy "This way!"
1893 t_chao_16_am Amy "Check!"
1894 t_chao_17_e1 E-102 "Come on!"
1895 t_chao_18_e1 E-102 "Hurry up!"
1896 t_chao_19_e1 E-102 "This way!"
1897 t_chao_20_e1 E-102 "Check!"
1898 t_chao_21_bi Big "C'mon!"
1899 t_chao_22_bi Big "Hurry up!"
1900 t_chao_23_bi Big "Over here!"
1901 t_chao_24_bi Big "Check!"
1902 t_egg_1_eg Eggman "Hoo-haha! See if you can make it through here; Sonic!"
1903 t_egg_2_eg Eggman "Take this!"
1904 t_love1_01_tk Tikal "You'll be able to ride the bumper car if you defeat the enemy driving it."
1905 t_love1_02_tk Tikal "Press all three buttons and the door should open."
1906 t_love1_03_tk Tikal "Use the bowling ball to slow down your persuers."
1907 t_love1_04_tk Tikal "The more rings you get; the faster the car will go."
1908 t_love1_05_tk Tikal "Use the machine ahead of you to knock down the bowling pins."
1909 t_love1_06_tk Tikal "If you get a strike; you get a prize!"
1910 t_love1_07_tk Tikal "Ride on the pulley to continue on."
1911 t_love1_08_tk Tikal "Try riding the snake."
1912 t_love1_09_tk Tikal "You can destroy that spark unit."
1913 t_love1_10_tk Tikal "Attack the base joint of the arm."
1914 t_love1_11_tk Tikal "Use the barrel as a step to jump higher."
1915 t_love1_12_tk Tikal "Something might happen if you get on top and swing your hammer."
1916 t_love1_13_tk Tikal "Wasn't there a shiny green stone somewhere around here?"
1917 t_love1_14_tk Tikal "Did you walk around the whole city?"
1918 t_love1_15_tk Tikal "The train seems to be moving now."
1919 t_love1_16_tk Tikal "We have to find Amy. She should still be in this city."
1920 t_love1_17_tk Tikal "The entrance to Casinopolis can be opened by a switch."
1921 t_love2_01_tk Tikal "Something good may happen at the Casino area."
1922 t_love2_02_tk Tikal "Why don't you try going to the Casino?"
1923 t_love2_03_tk Tikal "You can go to the Casino in the daytime too."
1924 t_love2_04_tk Tikal "Tails' workshop should be around here somewhere..."
1925 t_love2_05_tk Tikal "If only that monkey guard wasn't there..."
1926 t_love2_06_tk Tikal "Turn all the switches on and the door should open."
1927 t_love2_07_tk Tikal "Take this boat to get to the Egg Carrier."
1928 t_love2_08_tk Tikal "Why don't you try going to Angel Island?"
1929 t_love2_09_tk Tikal "Now you've got Fighting Gloves!"
1930 t_love2_10_tk Tikal "To store up power; hold down the action button."
1931 t_love2_11_tk Tikal "Now you can do the Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack!"
1932 t_love2_12_tk None (empty) (blank)
1933 t_love2_13_tk Tikal "The robots won't see you if you hide in a barrel."
1934 t_love2_14_tk Tikal "Get close to the barrel and press the action button to get in."
1935 t_love3_01_tk Tikal "Get in close and aim for the weak spot."
1936 t_love3_02_tk Tikal "Aim for the weak spot behind it!"
1937 t_love3_03_tk Tikal "Don't just aim for the legs; aim for the cockpit!"
1938 t_love3_04_tk Tikal "Don't just run away! Try standing on something to reach the cockpit."
1939 t_love3_05_tk Tikal "The water has been contaminated."
1940 t_love3_06_tk Tikal "Get onto something; before you drown."
1941 t_love3_07_tk Tikal "Use the dash panels."
1942 t_love3_08_tk Tikal "If you hit him fast; and hard enough; you should be able to climb up to the core."
1943 t_love3_09_tk Tikal "Destroy the tentacles! Without them; the barrier won't recover!"
1944 t_love3_10_tk Tikal "Attack the tentacles twice to destroy it!"
1945 t_love3_11_tk Tikal "If there are more than six Chao in one garden; they become uncomfortable."
1946 t_love3_12_tk Tikal "If there are more than seven Chao in one garden; they become uncomforable."
1947 t_love3_13_tk Tikal "If there are more than eight Chao in one garden; they become uncomforable."
1948 t_love3_13_tk2 Tikal "If there are more than eight Chao in one garden; they become uncomforable. Some of the Chao move into other gardens; on their own."
1949 t_love3_14_tk Tikal "If there are more than nine Chao in one garden; they become uncomforable."
1950 t_love3_15_tk Tikal "If there are more than ten Chao in one garden; they become uncomforable."
1951 t_love3_16_tk Tikal "Some of the Chao move into other gardens; on their own."
1952 t_love3_17_tk Tikal "If you give a Chao a small animal; the Chao changes. Try experimenting using different animals."
1953 t_love3_18_tk Tikal "This is a warp point. You can warp to other places."
1954 t_love4_01_tk Tikal "This way!"
1955 t_love4_02_tk Tikal "You can break through the wall if you use dynamite."
1956 t_love4_03_tk Tikal "If you don't lose speed while you run; you can climb up vertical walls!"
1957 t_love4_04_tk Tikal "Glide or use your spin attack; instead of punching to attack the core."
1958 t_love4_05_tk Tikal "Don't fly! This Chaos attacks things that fly."
1959 t_love4_06_tk Tikal "Throw Robotnik's Eggbombs into Chaos's mouth."
1960 t_love4_07_tk Tikal "Once Chaos freezes; he's vulnerable. That's your chance to attack."
1961 t_love4_08_tk Tikal "Try using consecutive punches."
1962 t_love4_09_tk Tikal "Aim for the frog and cast your lure!"
1963 t_love4_10_tk Tikal "Use the cannon to move around and avoid attacks."
1964 t_love4_11_tk Tikal "When Chaos comes close to you; that's your chance to cast your line."
1965 t_love4_12_tk Tikal "Aim for the frog and cast your line."
1966 t_love4_13_tk Tikal "If you get in trouble; jump into the cannon to escape."
1967 t_love4_15_tk Tikal "When you reach maximum speed; you'll turn into a bolt of lightning."
1968 t_love4_15_tk2 Tikal "When you reach maximum speed; you'll turn into a bolt of lightning. That's your chance to attack Chaos!"
1969 t_love4_16_tk Tikal "That's your chance to attack Chaos!"
1970 t_love4_17_tk Tikal "The tentacle turns red when you hit it."
1971 t_love4_18_tk Tikal "If you can hit it again; you can destroy the tentacle."
1972 t_love4_19_tk Tikal "But if you take too long; the tentacle will recover; and turn blue again."
1973 t_love5_01_tk Tikal "Robotnik is on the other side of where the energy is concentrated."
1974 t_love5_02_tk Tikal "Do consecutive Homing Attacks and aim for the cockpit."
1975 t_love5_03_tk Tikal "Get on the spinning needle and you can make it to the cockpit."
1976 t_love5_04_tk Tikal "Watch out! He's up to something!"
1977 t_love5_05_tk Tikal "Do consecutive Homing Attacks and aim for the joints."
1978 t_love5_06_tk Tikal "That way; you should be able to reach the cockpit."
1979 t_love5_07_tk Tikal "Hide inside and slowly make a getaway."
1980 t_love5_08_tk Tikal "Use the action button to get out."
1981 t_p37_01_kn Knuckles "What's the matter? What're you waiting for?"
1982 t_p37_02_tl Tails " *cries* I'm lost!"
1983 t_p37_03_tl Tails "That Robotnik really makes me mad!"
1984 t_p40_01_eg Eggman "Hahahahaha... Wrong way."
1985 t_p40_02_eg Eggman "Hahahaha... Wrong again."
1986 t_p40_03_eg Eggman "Huhaha! Why don't you give up?"
1987 t_p40_04_eg Eggman "Ha ha! It's no use! Give up!"
1988 t_p40_05_sn Sonic "I'll finish it this time!"
1989 t_p40_06_kn Knuckles "Here it goes!"
1990 t_p40_07_kn Knuckles "Take this!"
1991 t_p40_08_kn Knuckles "Gotcha!"
1992 t_p40_09_kn Knuckles "You're mine!"
1993 t_p40_10_tl Tails "There's no time to waste! I have to do something about the missile!"
1994 t_slogo_01_sn Sonic "Sega!"
1995 t_slogo_02_sn Sonic "Sonic Team!"
1996 t_slogo_03_tl Tails "Sega!"
1997 t_slogo_04_tl Tails "Sonic Team!"
1998 t_slogo_05_kn Knuckles "Sega!"
1999 t_slogo_06_kn Knuckles "Sonic Team!"
2000 t_slogo_07_am Amy "Sega!"
2001 t_slogo_08_am Amy "Sonic Team!"
2002 t_slogo_09_e1 E-102 "Sega!"
2003 t_slogo_10_e1 E-102 "Sonic Team!"
2004 t_slogo_11_bi Big "D'uh; Sega!"
2005 t_slogo_12_bi Big "Sonic Team!"
2006 t_slogo_13_2_eg Eggman "Sega!"
2007 t_slogo_13_eg Eggman "Sega!" (repeat)
2008 t_slogo_14_2_eg Eggman "Sonic Team!"
2009 t_slogo_14_eg Eggman "Sonic Team!" (repeat)
2010 t_slogo_15_tk Tikal "Sega!"
2011 t_slogo_16_tk Tikal "Sonic Team!"
2012 t_town_01_bi Big "Froggy? Where are you?"
2013 t_town_02_kn Knuckles "Hmm... I wonder what those guys are doing?"
2014 t_town_04_sn Sonic "Eggman!"
2015 t_town_04_tl Tails "Quick! We have to find the rest of the missing Chaos Emeralds!"
2016 t_town_05_sn Sonic "That robot! I'd better go after Amy!"
2017 t_town_06_sn Sonic "Hey Knuckles; what ever happened to your unfinished business?"
2018 t_town_07_tl Tails "We'd better go after the Egg Carrier."
2019 t_town_08_am Amy " *sighs* I'm so bored! I guess I'll go shopping or something."
2020 t_town_09_kn Knuckles "Didn't I see a green-colored stone somewhere?"
2021 t_town_10_tl Tails "Where you looking for that frog?"
2022 t_town_11_tl Tails "Sorry! If I had only held on tighter..."
2023 t_town_12_e1 E-102 "Auto-Recovery system activated!"
2024 t_town_12_tl Tails "Hope you find Froggy soon!"
2025 tornado Cutscene Sky Chase Act 2 cutscene audio; with sound effects and voices:
Tails: "Transforming; now!"
Sonic: "W-hoaah!"
Tails: "Let's do it!"
2026 tp_01_tk Tikal "Press the jump button to get into the cart; and the action button to start it."
2027 tp_02_tk Tikal "To ride in a bumper car; knock an enemy out of it."
2028 tp_03_tk Tikal "The robot that was following you is closing in on you. It'll be over if that robot catches you. You must get away from it no matter what."
2029 tp_04_tk Tikal "Even if the enemy locks on to you; run around. You should be able to avoid it."
2030 tp_05_tk Tikal "Hit the robot with the barrels. You should be able to slow it down."
2031 tp_06_tk Tikal "The merry-go-round is ahead. The switch should move it."
2032 tp_07_tk Tikal "Hang on to that ballon! You'll be able to get out from here."
2033 tp_08_tk Tikal "There are fish in a lake; along with a frog."
2034 trnstop SFX (Unknown sound effect)  ???
2035 trnstrt SFX (Unknown sound effect)  ???
2036 wv_01_tk Tikal "The wind is making an invisible path. Don't be afraid. Go through the gate."
2037 wv_02_tk Tikal "Head straight up. You should be able to get out of the tornado."
2038 wv_03_tk Tikal "Press the action button to grab the handle."
2039 wv_04_tk Tikal "Press the action button again to get off the rocket."
2040 wv_05_tk Tikal "Run through the Dash Ring and you will speed up for a while."
2041 wv_06_tk Tikal "You should be able to find a shortcut; if you fly. Try and find it."
2042 wv_07_tk Tikal "The robot you are looking for is up ahead."
2043 wv_08_tk Tikal "Try and find places where it's not windy."
2044 Y_MS_CLEAR Metal Sonic DX only, missing in PC version.
2045 Y_MS_DAMAGE Metal Sonic DX only, missing in PC version.
2046 Y_MS_DEAD Metal Sonic DX only, missing in PC version.
2047 Y_MS_SELECT Metal Sonic DX only, missing in PC version.
2048 Y_MS_START Metal Sonic DX only, missing in PC version.
Sonic Adventure/Sound Editing/Voices/7
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