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The entrance to the Super Labyrinth as depicted in the Japanese manual for Sonic LabyrinthMedia:SonicLabyrinth GG JP manual.pdf[1].

The Super LabyrinthMedia:SonicLabyrinth GG US manual.pdf[2], named Eggmanland (エッグマンランドMedia:SonicLabyrinth GG JP manual.pdf[1], not to be confused with the location from Sonic Unleashed) in the Japanese manual, is a fortress built by Dr. Eggman and the setting of Sonic Labyrinth.


During the events of Sonic Labyrinth, Dr. Eggman had built the Super Labyrinth somewhere on South Island and housed the Chaos Emeralds within itMedia:SonicLabyrinth GG JP manual.pdf[1], each one guarded by a boss robot. Slowed down by the Speed Down Boots, Sonic is required to infiltrate the Super Labyrinth in order to reclaim the Chaos Emeralds and remove the boots.

The Super Labyrinth is split into four Zones within, each one requiring keys for Sonic to progress through three of their Acts, and a boss at the end. Should Sonic reclaim all of the Chaos Emeralds will he be able to take off the Speed Down Boots and leave the fortress. What happens to the fortress afterwards is unknown.



Sonic Labyrinth
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