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Fast Facts on Mecha Gorilla

Game: Sonic Labyrinth
Stage: Labyrinth of the Sky
Hits to defeat: 8

The first boss in Sonic Labyrinth, Mecha Gorilla awaits Sonic at the bottom of a long, ring-filled slope in Act 4 of Labyrinth of the Sky.

After first dropping onto the boss' platform, Sonic is initially assaulted by a horde of miniature exploding robot gorillas - just don't stand right in front of them and Sonic will be fine. The real boss then teleports into the arena. After firing off his black, Pacman-esque forearms to wander around the board, the gorilla renders itself defenseless and wide open for spin attacks.

It occasionally re-attaches it's arms and teleports around just to make things a little more difficult. The boss relinquishes a Chaos Emerald upon being destroyed.

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