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Sonic Ride
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Sonic Ride is the given name to a roughly one minute, thirty seconds piece of pre-rendered, 3D Sonic the Hedgehog footage. It is thought to have been created by Sega AM3 around 1994, likely as part of an unreleased Sonic the Hedgehog-themed ride, although details are currently sketchy. The opening screen of the video features the Japanese words 未公開 and イメージ映像 which translate to "never-before-seen" and "image video" or "clip," respectively.

While the video was briefly covered by the gaming press (and in the case of US magazine, Game Players, mistaken for images from the upcoming Chaotix, the then-rumoured Sega 32X Sonic game[1]), it rose to prominence through its inclusion in Sonic Jam. Parts of the video were also used in a music video for the promotional single, They Call Me Sonic.

The ride

After a brief sequence drifting through a casino-styled area called Casino Zone, Sonic suddenly appears running towards the camera in a Green Hill Zone style area. The camera switches behind Sonic, who then runs to the right at a fork, and follows still as he dodges a Buzz Bomber and hits a spring, throwing him high into the air, from where the viewer can see a nice overhead shot of the zone. Hitting the ground, the camera runs around a loop, then runs into a rocky area, jumping from wall to wall, dodging startled looking Moto Bugs.

The camera then switches to a telescope view of Sonic running towards Robotnik, and he is standing by a contraption designed to drop a 200 ton weight onto Sonic when a lever is pulled. He moves into position, and as we see Sonic get closer, Robotnik excitedly throws away the telescope and stands by the switch. As he tries to pull it, Sonic zooms past, leaving a trail of dust in his wake and sending the machine and Robotnik spinning. They move back and forth, dizzy, and just as Robotnik regains his balance and pulls a pose - the weight drops, squashing him flat.

Despite being a pre-rendered video, the Sonic Ride footage appears to struggle maintaining a steady frame rate, with complex scenes causing apparent slowdown.


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