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Sonic Sports Basketball
Publisher: Sega Amusements USA (US), Sega Amusements Europe (EU)
Genre: Sports[1][2], Redemption[1][2]
Number of players: 1-15[1]
Release Date RRP Code Rating
2010 $? ?
For the version intended for younger children, see Sonic Sports Kids Basketball.
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Sonic Sports Basketball is a 2010 ticket redemption basketball game in the Sonic Allstars sports-themed redemption series. A rebranded version of the cabinet was released in 2016.[2]

The game received a spiritual successor in 2019 titled Sonic Sports Kids Basketball.


Players are challenged to hit the target scores to move onto the next level and to try to beat the highest score. With each level cleared, the gameplay will change, with the level of difficulty increasing with each stage. The title features include linking up to 15 units, original hip-hop mix music, a high quality bass speaker, built-in ticket dispenser, and Sega-branded basketballs.



Single player (2016) Two player (2016) Four player (2016)
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Mass: 260 kg (573 lbs)[2] Mass: 520 kg (1,146 lbs)[2] Mass: 1,680 kg (3,704 lbs)[2]



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