SegaSonic the Hedgehog (revision A)

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SegaSonic the Hedgehog (revision A)
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Sega System 32
Genre: 3D Platform


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SegaSonic the Hedgehog revision A is an early version of the System 32 arcade game SegaSonic the Hedgehog. It contains a few differences from the final revision of the game.

General Differences

  • The title screen lacks a background and Sonic is the only character shown. Ray and Mighty are not pictured.
  • It is only possible to get to Desert Dodge Zone, but upon reaching a quicksand pit it is not possible to continue past that point.
  • When completing Desert Dodge Zone a "To be continued" screen appears and the game will end.
  • There is no character select screen, and each player is automatically assigned a character, i.e. player one can only play as Sonic, player two can only play as Ray, and player three can only play as Mighty.


Some levels are not available, and their names and order they are played in are different from the final version.


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SegaSonic the Hedgehog

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