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Secret Development Menu

In the PC version of the game, if the Settings.ini file is edited with the line 'devMenu=1' within the '[Game]' section, then a dev menu can be accessed by pressing Esc in-game. This menu was used by the dev team to quickly access various sections of the game, and includes:

  • Presentation: Dev logos screen, Title Menu, "Thanks for Playing" screen, Level Select menu, Staff Credits, and Continue screens.
  • Mania Demo: Access to the Green Hill Zone and Studiopolis Zone demos playable at the 25th Sonic Anniversary Event.
  • Mania Mode: A separate level select screen.
  • Special Stage: A selection of all Mania Special Stages
  • Blue Spheres: Access to any Blue Spheres stage, including options for 'Random' and 'Random 2' which chooses a random Bonus Stage from original and Mania mode, respectively.
  • Extras: Allows selection of Puyo Puyo mode and the D.A. Garden.
  • Cutscenes: A list of the cutscenes in the game, which can be jumped to.
  • Videos: The various ending animations.


Development Title

  • Sonic Discovery title
  • I'm outta here
  • Heavy Mystic

Green Hill Zone

  • Old layout (get map)

Chemical Plant Zone

Studiopolis Zone

  • Old layout (get map)

Unused Love tester

Studiopolis Love Testing Slot.png

These are sprites of an unused slot machine, found by Dolphman of The Spriter's Resource. It could have funtioned similarly to Casino Night Zone's slots. Maybe the player could hop in and be paid, or robbed of, rings depending on how many Amys or Robotniks they get.

Flying Battery Zone

Press Garden Zone

  • Pulp Solstice Zone

Stardust Speedway Zone

Hydrocity Zone

Mirage Saloon Zone

Oil Ocean Zone

Lava Reef Zone

Old Act 1 Layout

Lava Reef 1 Prototype.png

Metallic Madness Zone

Titanic Monarch Zone

Egg Reverie Zone

  • Unused tiles (get map)
  • Unused boss bits

Special Stage

Bonus Stage

There are four unused Blue Spheres layouts in the game that cannot be accessed via the Dev Menu. The only way to access these is to rename their SpecialBS files.


Sonic Mania
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