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Cheat Codes

These are cheat codes which can be accessed by inputting button sequences or by various other methods.

Cheat Codes, All Versions

Amy Sound Test.
  • Unlock Amy in the Sound Test menu: In the 'colour test' screen (accessible via the 'options' menu), change the left-hand colour bars to <00><00><00>, <06><0B><11> and <00><08><17>, going from top-to-bottom.
  • Level Select & ingame Debug Mode: Again, enter the 'colour test' screen via the 'options' menu. This time, enter on the left-hand side of the screen <06><0B><11> and <04><00><04>, again looking from top-to-bottom. During gameplay, press Start to pause the game - you can now move freely around the level. Notes:
    • World Entrance Level 0 is the normal world lobby, level 1 is the penultimate boss, level 2 is Metal Sonic Kai, and all the others crash the game.
    • Special Stages number from 0 (0 is the first, 1 is the second, etc.). Each Special Stage starts you off with 200 rings. Once completed, a Special Stage takes you back to the title screen. After completing a Special Stage, and regardless of which one, Not Used level 0 will show the bad ending (but not the screen with the Chaos Rings).
  • Activate 'Hidden' Character: To activate Wechnia, select the character labeled as '**********', then begin a game as usual. Note that this character occupies the second character slot, the first being Mighty the Armadillo - a sprite edit of Sonic from the Crackers beta (presumably the first character) and Tails (the deleted '**********' character). In earlier protos Wechnia has flying capabilities.

Game Enhancer Codes

These are cheat codes that can only be used with game enhancer devices. Support for these codes is available in most emulators.

Game Genie

Unofficial Codes

Code Description
SAXT-DTWA Rings Are Worth 4.
AL2A-EA2J Infinite Time.
BC2A-EB2L Infinite Time/Your Ring Count Constantly Increase If it reaches zero.
RE8T-A6XN + AN8T-AAE0 Enable Level Select.
RFHA-A6TY + RFHA-A6W8 + AJLT-CA8W Enable Debug Mode.
AAPT-CAF4 It Doesn't Cost Any Rings To Call Your Partner (It Usually Costs 10 Rings).
SAPT-CNF2 Gain 10 Rings Everytime You Call Your Partner (Don't combine with the "It doesn't cost any rings to call your partner" code).
SAPT-CNF2 + NTPT-CAF4 Gain 100 Rings Everytime You Call Your Partner (Press A) (Don't combine with the "It doesn't cost any rings to call your partner" code).
AKGA-AA3L Keep Rings Between Levels.
AC9A-BAGR Knuckles Has Mega Jump.
AEYA-CAG2 + AEDA-CADJ + AEET-CABA You Only Have To Have 1 Ring To Access The Special Stages At The End of Levels (You Normally Need 50 Rings).

Pro Action Replay

Unofficial Codes

Code Description
FFE009:63 Have Infinite 99 Rings.
FFADB8:01 Always Have Shield (Leader)
FFAE78:01 Always Have Shield (Partner)
FFADFC:01 Have Speed Shoes (Leader).
FFAEBC:01 Have Speed Shoes (Partner).
FFADC1:05 Enable Grow (Leader) (Only works if Always Have Shield is enabled).
FFAE81:05 Enable Grow (Partner) (Only works if Always Have Shield is enabled).
FFE01B:06 Have All Chaos Rings.
FFDFFE:0606 + FFE000:0606 + FFE002:0606 All Levels Cleared (After completing a level).
FFDFF3:0? Level Modifier
  • 0 = Botanic Base
  • 1 = Speed Slider
  • 2 = Amazing Arena
  • 3 = Techno Tower
  • 4 = Marina Madness
  • 5 = Isolated Island (Tutorial)
  • 6 = Isolated Island (Introduction)
  • 7 = World Entrance
  • 9 = Bonus Stage
  • A = Special Stage

(Any other value will crash the game)

FFDFF5:0? Stage Number Modifier (1-5 for normal levels)
FFDFF7:0? Time of Day Modifier (0=Morning, 2=Day, 4=Sunset, 6=Night)
FFFFED:FF Amy Appears In Sound Test.
FFFCEA:0? Attachment To Partner Modifier (0=Not Attatched, 5=Attatched).
FFFFEC:FF00 Enable Debug Mode
FFFFEE:FF00 Enable Level Select (Pick "Stage Select" At The Main Screen).
FFE20E:0500 Play As Bomb The Mechanic (Must Use At The "Player Select" Screen).
FFE20E:0600 Play As Heavy The Mechanic (Must Use At The "Player Select" Screen).


  • GameFAQs - Regular cheat codes.
  • The GSHI - Official codes separated from User made codes.

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