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  • The Black Market from Sonic Adventure 2: Battle has been added to the Station Square Chao Garden.
  • The game uses Sonic Adventure 2: Battle's advanced Chao raising system (it has on screen stats, petting, whistling). However, the Chao Doctor, Chao Kindergarten, and the Chao Karate minigame do not appear.
  • Chao allegiances can be changed between Hero, Neutral, and Dark. However, players have to use Chao fruits to do so. (Specific characters do not have an alignment, nor do the Chao Gardens.)
  • Flat colored, shiny, and jewel Chao can be purchased, as well as special fruit. Seeds to plant in the Gardens do not exist, however.
  • The Chao Transporter allows manual Chao naming, as well as Sonic Adventure 2's "Goodbye" feature.
  • Chao can be seamlessly transported between Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and Sonic Adventure: DX.
  • The Chao Stadium uses Sonic Adventure 2's music and GUI.
  • The Chao Adventure VMU minigame was removed and instead replaced with a similar GBA connection feature (see below).
  • You can also transfer one Chao from this game to Sonic Advance, Sonic Advance 2, and Sonic Pinball Party with the GCN-GBA Link Cable.
  • A downloadable Tiny Chao Garden GBA minigame is available. (via the Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance Cable)
  • The trees were updated.

Station Square

  • The oval shaped painting of the sky was replaced with an actual window.
  • The water area was changed. In the Dreamcast version, there are minor shallow pools with two quarter-temples hugging the corners of the walls. In the GameCube version, the shallow water is still there, but the quarter-temples have been replaced with a full temple in the middle, complete with a decorative fountain.
  • The second set of doors for the entrance and chao race were removed.
  • The doors are different.
  • The chao face for the chao race entrance was replaced with text.
  • The GameCube version added a sign to the "Chao Laboratory" website.

Mystic Ruins

  • A bridge and raised area were removed.
  • An invisible wall was added to stop the player from jumping over the fence and dying.
  • Lighting for evening and night was added.
  • The evening and night skybox was changed.
  • The water was lowered to try prevent Tails from drowning despite this it's still possible to drown.

Egg Carrier

  • The water was lowered this enough to prevent the player from drowning and making it possible to grab chao floating.
  • There's no tall mountain.
  • Removed a invisible wall making it possible to stand on the missile.
  • A clear perimeter of the garden was added. In the Dreamcast version, the perimeter was only an invisible wall.
  • Fixed a bug where chao sometimes don't spawn.


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