Red Gate Bridge

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Red Gate Bridge
SonicForces Switch RedGateBridge.jpg
Red Gate Bridge
Fifteenth level, Sonic Forces
Location: City
Level theme: urban
Played as: Modern Sonic + Avatar
Boss: Metal Sonic
Non-English names:
  • JP: レッドゲートブリッジ Reddogētoburijji
Chemical Plant | Guardian Rock

Red Gate Bridge is the fifteenth stage of Sonic Forces and the second Tag Team stage where the player controls Modern Sonic and the Avatar simultaneously. It takes place on the signature bridge that cuts through the City and the surrounding coastal region.


While the Resistance awaits Tails and Classic Sonic's return from Chemical Plant, Amy reports that Metal Sonic has been spotted in the City. Stepping up to stop Metal Sonic's rampage, Sonic heads to the City, taking the Avatar with him.

After destroying an Assault-class Death Egg Robot, the two heroes encounter Metal Sonic, who turns out to be a replica created by Infinite, and a strong one at that too. Despite this, the two heroes are able to destroy it. In the aftermath, Sonic celebrates their victory by offering the Avatar a fist bump, something which the Avatar happily accepts.


Red Gate Bridge starts out with Sonic and the Avatar running across a bridge, only for the bridge to be smashed beneath their feet by an Assault-class Death Egg Robot. This initiates a quick-time event in which the player must jump out of the way and swing around the sentinel, then press the Jump button when the green rings that appear overlap to destroy it. The heroes will then fall into a sewer line with a checkpoint, and beyond it is an encounter with Metal Sonic...


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