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Chaos 6
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Chaos 6
Game: Sonic Adventure
Level: Egg Carrier
Hits to defeat: 5
Fought by: Sonic, Knuckles, Big
Next form: Perfect Chaos

Chaos 6 is Sonic's fourth, Knuckles' third, and Big's only boss in Sonic Adventure. Chronologically, the fights take place in the order of Big, Sonic, then Knuckles.


Big's fight

Big the Cat happens on Dr. Eggman and Chaos 4 upon the Egg Carrier's turquoise deck, just after rescuing Froggy from Hot Shelter. Faced with the floating gelatinous shark, Froggy coughs up the yellow Chaos Emerald that he swallowed at the start of the game. Eggman adds to this the cyan emerald he recently expropriated from Birdie, passing them both to Chaos in order to produce the beast's sixth form. The Doc then orders Chaos to swallow Froggy, absorbing the possessed tail and re-integrating that missing piece into his own body.

The boss fight facing Big is an unusual one as it still relies on the cat's fishing mechanic. Big's task is simply to hook Froggy out from Chaos' shambling watery form. This is accomplished with one well-aimed cast into the beast; but aiming properly is a difficult thing, as Froggy, Chaos, and Big (if he doesn't want to get crushed) are constantly moving around the arena.

Sonic's fight

In the hedgehog's story, this fight pits him against both Chaos and Dr. Eggman. After Sonic and Tails fight their way across the transformed Egg Carrier via Sky Deck, they arrive on scene just a moment too late to stop Eggman extracting the cyan Chaos Emerald from Birdie. The Doctor sics E-102 Gamma on Sonic as he retreats to the front of the ship, leading to a brief 3-hit skirmish between hedgehog and robot before the main boss.

Amy steps in to defend Gamma rather than let Sonic smash him; the blue blur relents, but tells Tails to get Amy off the Carrier while he goes on to put Ivo out of commission. Directed back to the front of the ship by Tikal, Sonic is confronted by Chaos 6, now adopting a bloated, scorpion-like form. Although Robotnik left Chaos to take care of the hedgehog in previous fights, this time Eggman wades into battle as well, aboard his Egg Mobile.

The battle mostly sees Sonic running around, avoiding Chaos' lumbering advance and Robotnik's dropped cryo-bombs. The beast can't be damaged by Homing Attacks as in previous encounters, meaning that defensive play is the name of the game. On top of lashing out with his tail, Chaos will occasionally leap up and throw out a circular shockwave as he crashes back down. The most brazen of Chaos 6's moves sees him transform into a misshapen, barbed tower with a slashing arm on top; this form sees Chaos 6 shoot many pointed tendrils to limit how much space Sonic has, then strike with his tail.

On occasion, he opens his mouth and attempts to inhale Sonic, which is where the chance to damage him appears. Instead of Homing Attacking Chaos, hit Eggman's floating cryo-bombs to disable their levitation; knocked down, they can either be picked up and thrown into Chaos' mouth or left to be sucked in to freeze him into an ice sculpture, which can be damaged. Using the Light Speed Attack while Chaos 6 is frozen will register as two hits rather than just one.

After the defeat, Chaos melts away; Sonic chases after Eggman, but mistimes his jump over the side of the Egg Carrier and ends up falling several vertical miles down into the jungle of Mystic Ruins. The ker-splat scarcely fazes Sonic, though; he just dusts himself off and jogs after Tikal into Lost World.

Knuckles' fight

Knuckles' fight with Chaos 6 occurs after Sonic's. The Guardian emerges from Sky Deck just in time to see the glow of Chaos 4's transformation on the other side of the Egg Carrier. Arriving at the fight arena only to see Sonic run off after Eggman, Knuckles fights the beast without the scientist's intervention.

Cryo-pods are still the route to victory (though now they merely drop from the sky), but this fight can be more difficult because the playing field is now damaged, with sheets of broken glass in place of what was once solid floor. As with Sonic, Knuckles can do extra damage to Chaos 6 while frozen, though only if he has the Fighting Gloves equipped and uses the Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack.


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