Fighting Gloves

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The Fighting Gloves are an upgrade available to Knuckles in Sonic Adventure. Golden versions of Knuckles' typical white spiked gloves, these mittens enable Knuckles to use the Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack, the echidna's analogue to Sonic's Light Speed Attack. Sonic Adventure is the only game where the Maximum Heat Attack is in Knuckles' moveset, and so this upgrade has not appeared anywhere since.

Sonic Adventure

  • Purpose: Enables Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack.
  • Location: Mystic Ruins Adventure Field, jungle area. Climb up the rock wall behind Big's house, and to the right is a wide ledge. The Gloves are found on the end of that ledge.
  • Requirements: None, although Knuckles only gets access to the jungle section after fighting Chaos 4.
  • Required For: Nothing--it's purely a novelty item to make Knuckles' life easier when surrounded by Badniks.


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