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The following is a listing of the music files in Sonic Heroes. These files are located in dvdroot\bgm\

Filename (.adx) Song Notes
SNG_BTL01 2P Battle: Sea Area
SNG_BTL02 2P Battle: City Area
SNG_BTL03 2P Battle: Casino Area
SNG_BTL04 2P Battle: Ring Race
SNG_BTL05 2P Battle: Quick Race
SNG_E0017 “We Can” – Credits Version Team Sonic End Theme
SNG_E0117 “This Machine” – Credits Version Team Dark End Theme
SNG_E0117 ”Follow Me” — Credits Version Team Rose End Theme
SNG_E0117 ”Team Chaotix” — Credits Version Team Chaotix End Theme
SNG_E0404 “Sonic Heroes” – Credits Version Last Story End Theme
SNG_EV10 Event #9 – “No Past to Remember”
SNG_EV11 Event #10 – “Monkey Business”
SNG_EV12 Event #11 – “My World”
SNG_EV13 Event #12 – “My Ambition”
SNG_INVNCBL Jingle #2 – Invincible
SNG_RNDCLR Jingle #1 – Round Clear
SNG_SPEEDUP Jingle #3 – Speed Up
SNG_SPSTG1 Special Stage #1 – Bonus Challenge
SNG_SPSTG2 Special Stage #2 – Emerald Challenge
SNG_STG01 Seaside Hill
SNG_STG02 Ocean Palace
SNG_STG03 Grand Metropolis
SNG_STG04 Power Plant
SNG_STG05 Casino Park
SNG_STG06 Bingo Highway
SNG_STG07 Rail Canyon
SNG_STG08 Bullet Station
SNG_STG09 Frog Forest
SNG_STG10 Lost Jungle
SNG_STG11A Hang Castle #1
SNG_STG11B Hang Castle #2
SNG_STG12 Mystic Mansion
SNG_STG12A Mystic Mansion – Part A
SNG_STG12B Mystic Mansion – Part B
SNG_STG12C Mystic Mansion – Part C
SNG_STG12D Mystic Mansion – Part D
SNG_STG12E Mystic Mansion – Part E
SNG_STG12F Mystic Mansion – Part F
SNG_STG13 Egg Fleet
SNG_STG14 Final Fortress
SNG_STG20 Boss #1 – Egg Hawk
SNG_STG20PI Boss #1 – Egg Hawk Intro
SNG_STG21 Boss #2 – Vs. Team Battle
SNG_STG22 Boss #3 – Robot Carnival / Robot Storm
SNG_STG23 Boss #4 – Egg Albatross
SNG_STG24TC Boss – Vs. Team Chaotix “Team Chaotix” – Edited Version
SNG_STG24TD Boss – Vs. Team Dark “This Machine” – Edited Version
SNG_STG24TR Boss – Vs. Team Rose “Follow Me” – Edited Version
SNG_STG24TS Boss – Vs. Team Sonic “We Can” – Edited Version
SNG_STG26 Boss #5 – Egg Emperor
SNG_STG27 Boss #6 – Metal Madness Last Boss #1
SNG_STG28 “What I'm Made Of” / Metal Overlord Last Boss #2
SNG_STG29 Sea Gate Tutorial Stage
SNG_SYS1 System Screen #1 – Menu
SNG_SYS2 System Screen #2 – Select
SNG_SYS3 System Screen #3 – 2P Vs. Menu
SNG_SYS4 System Screen #4 – Select (Intro)
SNG_TBSFA1 Team Sonic Blast (Sound Effects only)
SNG_TBSFA2 Team Dark Blast (Sound Effects only)
SNG_TBSFA3 Team Rose Blast (Sound Effects only)
SNG_TBSFA4 Team Chaotix Blast (Japanese Voices)
SNG_TBSFA4E Team Chaotix Blast (EN.) (English Voices)
SNG_TBSFA4J Team Chaotix Blast (JP.) (Japanese Voices)
SNG_TBSFA5 Team Blast: Super Sonic (Sound Effects only)
SNG_TITLE1 Title Sequence (With Intro)
SNG_TITLE2 Title Sequence
SNG_V01_MAIN “Sonic Heroes” Main Theme
SNG_V02_TS “We Can” Team Sonic Theme
SNG_V03_TD “This Machine” Team Dark Theme
SNG_V04_TR “Follow Me” Team Rose Theme
SNG_V05_TC “Team Chaotix” Team Chaotix Theme


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