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In variety of rendered cut-scenes through some levels in story mode, they use camera animations in each event through the cut-scene before the start of the level.

File names

ONE archives

In each "" archives, they contain camera animations in .TMB format and objects that load during the cut-scenes. TT is the team ID, SS is the stage scene ID and NN is the scene number.


Each event camera entry has a number of sections parsed by the offset starting at 0x0.

// HEADER (0x0C bytes):
int32 animationOffsets // Offset pointing to event camera animation structs located at the footer.
int32 unknown
int32 unknown
animationOffsets: int32 eventRotation int32 victoryRotation int32 eventFov int32 victoryFov
// ROTATION SECTION int32 ID // Camera Animation Number float32[3] // Pitch, Roll and Yaw
// FIELD OF VIEW SECTION int32 cameraFov // Field of view in integer form. int32 ID // Camera Animation Number


For the naming of models including animations, the following suffixes assigns the material flags to the object using one of these:

  • _ALPHA_ - Alpha + reflective material
  • _ALPHANL_ - Alpha
  • _PLUS_ - Additive Alpha

Any names without these will assign a regular flags to the object. These will only work for certain objects, any others are given their flag that's defined by the game's function at these addresses:

  • 0x90DF5 (0x490DF5)
  • 0x90E9A (0x490E9A)
  • 0x90F2A (0x490F2A)
  • 0x90F62 (0x490F62)


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