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Light layouts are stored in big endian sLL_light.bin (or stgLL_light.bin) files, where LL is the level number. On PC and Xbox, they are located in the /dvdroot folder. For Shadow the Hedgehog, the same format is used in little endian.

File layout

Each light entry is 0x34 bytes long, and there are 19 entries in each Heroes file, 16 for a Shadow file. Some entries may be blank for some stages, though they can be utilized by objects. The 0x34 bytes of each entry are divided into variables which occupy 4 bytes of space, for a total of 15 variables. They are either float32s, float16s, or U16s.

Light Entry

Float values should be between 0 and 1.0f although negative values and values over 1 will behave as logic would dictate. There's a hard limit on those, but I don't know what at this time. Rotations are zeroed out at -Z. Vertical rotation rotates up from this vector while horizontal rotation rotates right from it.

Number Type Description
0x0 Float Red Ambient
0x4 Float Green Ambient
0x8 Float Blue Ambient
0xC Float Alpha Ambient
0x10 Float Red Directional
0x14 Float Green Directional
0x18 Float Blue Directional
0x1C Float Alpha Directional
0x20 Float Unknown 0-1.0F Value
0x24 Float Unknown 0-1.0F Value
0x28 Float Unknown 0-1.0F Value
0x2C Float16? Unknown for 3rd set of floats?
0x2E Uint16 Vertical Rotation 0-360 Euler Angle. Will accept angles beyond 360.
0x30 Float16? Unknown for 3rd set of floats?
0x32 Uint16 Horizontal Rotation 0-360 Euler Angle. Will accept angles beyond 360.


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