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Sonic Colours (Nintendo DS)
Frigate Orcan (DS)
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Frigate Orcan
Game: Sonic Colours (Nintendo DS)
Level: Starlight Carnival (DS)

Frigate Orcan is the boss of Starlight Carnival, the third level of Sonic Colours (Nintendo DS). After racing across the glitzy orbital fleet in Eggman's Amazing Interstellar Amusement Park, Sonic catches up with the Doctor once more, and is pitted against the boss.

The fight takes place on a straight pseudo-3D runway through space, unlike the usual circular arena of Sonic Rush / Sonic Rush Adventure / Sonic Colours bosses. The frigate - a neon-panelled, whale-shaped zeppelin - races above the track as Sonic sprints along below. It periodically dumps bombs and spike balls from its cargo hold onto the track. The spike balls you obviously have to avoid, but three potential fates await the yellow container-bombs: leave them to hit the track and they explode; spin jump or Super Boost them to knock them back up and damage the ship; or use a homing attack to knock rings out of them. The ship may also drop orange Wisps in containers; burst dash these to acquire the Rocket Power, and blast up to deal the boss a whole heap of damage.

The frigate has two other modes of attack. The first sees the track kink upwards as the ship retreats into the background; then it moves forward, firing twin laser beams as it bobs up and below the roadway. Evade the beams until the ship comes close, then jump to attack it.
The other mode sees the ship lower its altitude and fire clusters of rockets backwards towards Sonic. Jump over or Skid Attack under the missiles to avoid taking damage.

As with most of the other Colours bosses, Eggman doesn't pilot the machine himself; it is presumably wholly robotic. Frigate Orcan goes nameless in-game, but its designation is found in the art section and in the track titles within Vivid Sound x Hybrid Colors: Sonic Colors Original Soundtrack.


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