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Admiral Jelly
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Admiral Jelly
Game: Sonic Colours (Nintendo DS)
Level: Aquarium Park
For the fifth boss in the Wii version and Sonic Colours: Ultimate, see Admiral Jelly.

Admiral Jelly is the fifth boss of the Nintendo DS version of Sonic Colours, fought at the end of Aquarium Park.


The fight takes place underwater in a linear pseudo-3D arena, versus Eggman's robot. The Admiral is a revised version of the Sweet Mountain boss, Captain Jelly, although with a completly new suite of moves. A periscope-wielding fish-bot in a navy uniform, the boss controls sealife-guns and vortexes in his efforts to defeat Sonic.

The boss is accompanied by a pair of robotic fish, and his main attack involves converting his periscope into a cannon to fire them at Sonic's platform. This causes the ground to tilt like a see-saw. The player should perform a Stomp attack at the raised end to catapult the fish-missile back up and hit the Admiral, then Spin Jump him once he's down.

The Admiral has a host of other attacks too, including starting a water vortex on the top screen, which makes his two fish spiral out and circle towards Sonic. One of them is electrified, so the player should avoid it at all costs. In pinch mode, he'll also try sending the two fish to swim underneath Sonic's platform, generating green electric shark-fins that attempt to pincer him. The player should keep moving, as the Admiral dives down after the fish have finished scrolling and tries to headbutt Sonic.

As the entire fight takes place underwater much like its console versions, Sonic is at a risk of drowning. If the player is about to run out of air, then they should hit the capsule in the center of the arena to release an air bubble.

It's possible to obtain the Cyan Wisp during the fight by Boosting the Admiral while he's downed, although it can be quite tricky to use Cyan Laser effectively in getting the angles right to hit him on the top screen.


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